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What Makes an Entrepreneur?

By Townes Haas   |    March 7, 2018   |    10:40 AM

Are You a Natural Born Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs can be distinguished by certain factors from the rest of the population, such as a certain drive that motivates them even when the going gets tough and everybody else would quit, or by their can-do attitude that flies in the face of pessimists. Some people refer to the specific characteristics of entrepreneurs as the “it” factor. But what is this “it” factor? And how can you tell if you have it? What makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur, and are you a natural born entrepreneur or not? Here’s how to tell.

1. You could sell ice to Eskimos

      If you are a true entrepreneur, you are adept at selling anything to anyone, you are confident, know how and when to pitch and most of all how to seal the deal.  The ability to sell is vital for any entrepreneur no matter what stage their business is at.

      2. You’re hungry like the wolf

        An entrepreneur is more ambitious and motivated than the average person and doesn’t take no for an answer. An entrepreneur is so hungry for success that no one and nothing can stand in their way. If you’re a true entrepreneur you will stop at nothing to make your business dream a reality.

        3. You’re more original than a penguin in polka-dot pantaloons

          You are creative, original and have a vision. Any entrepreneur has a natural talent at thinking out of the box to devise business ideas that will attract consumers as they offer a never-done-before service or product or a new way of doing things.

          4. You’re down to earth

            Despite a flair for originality, an entrepreneur is grounded and not just full of good ideas. They are able to execute on their ideas because they have a firm grip on how to achieve their goals in real time and the capital, tools, resources and people they need to make their dream a reality.

            5. You’re a free spirit

              You don’t need, nor rely on, other people to believe in you or get things done, you believe in yourself and your abilities and you’re self-reliant, always accomplishing what needs to be accomplished through your own pure motivation without any help.

              6. You make lemonade out of lemons

                Whilst others are quick to give up the ghost when faced with adversity, an entrepreneur never gives up and is able to make the most of a bad situation, turning it around into an opportunity.

                7. You can see into the future

                  You understand the markets, the stakeholders and what people want.  You can anticipate needs and how the market will evolve before other people can.

                  8. You can watch paint dry

                    Setting up a business and having the patience to wait for it to bloom into something bigger can be a long, drawn out, and even a painful process. An entrepreneur has the patience and perseverance to endure even the toughest times and sit out the drab, dull days of administration and other less glamorous aspects of business life whilst waiting for the good times ahead.