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Dedicated Office Space

Private and productive office space

Hourly Offices & Meetings Rooms

Hourly Offices & Meetings Rooms

Private offices and meeting rooms on-demand

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Custom Call Answering

Every call answered. An extension of your team

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Executive Assistants

Someone you can count on for your administrative needs

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Virtual Business Address

Send and receive mail in prestigious office locations

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What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual Intelligent Assistants are a concierge level of executive assistance. They take care of your busyness so you can take care of your business. Setting up meetings? They will handle it. Printing and copying? They'll do that, too. They can even assist with outbound calling to help develop your business. It's the best of having an executive assistant, only now it's on demand. 

Manage all your administrative needs

Turnkey reception services

On-demand, one-off tasks

A trained extension of your team

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We get to know you

We’ll start with your pain points to identify how to best leverage our Intelligent Assistants. Are you looking for occasional help, or are you struggling with the day-to-day? Either way, we have a solution to help

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Go grow your business.

We can handle the rest.

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Phone answering

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Contact clients

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Schedule appointments

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Call-in orders

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Client intake

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Make reservations

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Confirmation calls

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Travel arrangements

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Coordinate meetings

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Prepare for meetings

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Typing services

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Gather survey results

Local. Virtual. Professional.

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Administrative help on-demand

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Local and reliable assistance

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Trained and knowledgeable

What are Virtual Assistants?

Virtual services encompass a variety of different administrative and business development services that are designed to help you run and grow your business. Virtual, simply means that all these services are available on demand, which is one of the many reasons we call our virtual assistants Intelligent Assistants..

Virtual Assistants working in office setting. Virtual Assistants working in office setting.

Virtual services bring big-business infrastructure to all businesses, regardless of size and industry. Whether you need legal assistance, sales assistance, general admin assistance, or something completely different, our on-demand office services make it easy to utilize the expertise of an Intelligent Assistant virtual assistant.

The on-boarding process is easy, too. We get to know you, your business, and your clients so that you receive top-notch assistance that makes your life easier, not harder. That’s because we see ourselves as a local, indispensable extension of your team.

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