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Job Hunting Tips for the COVID-19 Era

By Brian Farris   |    August 28, 2020   |    9:39 AM

Job Search Tips You Can Use During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic, or if your ongoing search for a new position suddenly feels unsteady, all hope isn’t lost. Companies are still hiring, especially as they learn new and creative ways to run their businesses during a pandemic.

However, the way you find your next career may look different than it has in the past (think more online networking and fewer in-person interactions). 

The following job hunting tips aren’t just for established professionals, either. New college graduates should take note, too — it’s still possible to find the perfect post-university opportunity.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can find your next gig during the COVID-19 era.

Learn the ins and outs of networking online

In-person networking events are off the table for the foreseeable future, which means job seekers must become comfortable with online networking.

Professional groups for your industry are a great place to start. Facebook and LinkedIn are two popular choices, and each site has groups for virtually every profession and industry. You can also participate in online forums, like an industry-specific sub-Reddit, to make connections and get your name out there.

Once you join a group, be sure to participate and add valuable insights to the conversation. 

Get your LinkedIn profile ready for the spotlight

LinkedIn is the de facto online networking platform for professionals. Potential employers will surely look at your profile, so make sure it’s ready to shine. If your profile isn’t up to snuff yet, here are some tips that will get you there: 

Once your profile perfectly illustrates what you can offer a new employer, check out these tips on How to Use LinkedIn for Job Hunting.

Practice virtual interviewing 

In-person interviews aren’t commonplace right now, which means employers are turning to virtual tools to conduct candidate interviews.

If you’ve never done an interview over a video conferencing tool before, practice with a trusted friend beforehand. Your friend can ask questions and provide feedback on your performance. 

This also provides a chance to test the technology and perfect your setup, including the camera angle and lighting.

Schedule virtual networking chats

Once you’ve practiced virtual interviewing and are comfortable with the technology, consider scheduling a few virtual networking chats, too.

For example, you could invite a new contact to a virtual meeting over coffee. It’s not quite the same as meeting in a quirky local coffee shop, but it’s an effective alternative that allows you to continue building professional relationships. With any luck, those relationships will help you find your next job.

Use this opportunity to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality

If you’re in between jobs and don’t feel excited about the thought of working for another employer, it might just be the perfect time to start your own business.

There are countless ways to start a business. If you’d feel more comfortable with some additional support, consider opening a franchise. With the right franchisor, you’ll have easy access to expert guidance and a community of fellow franchisees to learn from. 

Of course, this suggestion is only realistic if have the financial means to start a new business. Many industries are thriving during the pandemic, and the risk could be worth the reward. However, it’s still important to do your research and proceed with caution. 

If you’re currently employed, consider staying put (for now)

If you don’t currently have a job, this last piece of advice isn’t for you — anyone who is currently unemployed should absolutely continue their job hunt.

But, if you can afford to put your search on hold and stay with your current employer, it’s an option worth considering.

While many companies continue to hire, being a new employee can also put you in a vulnerable position. If the company experiences a downturn, your new job could be up first on the chopping block.

If the business you work for right now is stable, consider staying with your current employer for the time being. But, remember — you can still use the tips in this article to lay the groundwork for a successful job hunt in the future.