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Beyond Mail Forwarding: Virtual Mailbox Services for the Digital Nomad

By Jessica Valdez   |    May 23, 2017   |    10:27 AM


Mail Forwarding and More for Digital Entrepreneurs

Many digital entrepreneurs who work on-the-go from numerous locations save money and hassle by not renting an office, but there is one problem with that: what will your address be? Where will you receive important mail? How will you be perceived by clients if you don't have a proper mailing address? For digital entrepreneurs in Canada, a virtual PO box and mail forwarding can solve these problems.


Having business mail sent to a home address does not give a good impression to partners and clients. The actual address that a virtual PO box provides will make your business look professional and ensure customers and partners see you in the best possible light. Many virtual PO box companies, such as Intelligent Office, offer mail forwarding services plus outgoing mail services. In addition to this, a virtual office address can allow you to register your business for websites and other such services in the public domain, as well as a business address for items like credit cards.

Keep Mail Safe and Secure

As a digital entrepreneur, you will indubitably receive confidential mail and other important paperwork through the mail on a regular basis. When documents contain sensitive information it is not a good idea to have these sent to a non-professional address and clients may well be dubious about doing this. For the safety of your business and your clients you need to keep mail safe as well as secure. If you use a virtual PO box with a professional company you can be certain that your correspondence will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Furthermore mail forwarding can ensure that an important document is never lost.

First Impressions are Everything

There is nothing like a prestigious address to bolster a company's reputation and give it an edge over the competition.  Many companies who offer virtual PO boxes provide prestigious addresses. Especially if your business is brand new and has no reputation nor legacy to work with, you will want to immediately create the impression of success by having an address that demonstrates status and standing. Small businesses in particular can leverage a prestigious address on their company documents such as the letterhead on their invoices, their business cards, websites and more.


As an entrepreneur you will be very busy with many chores and may not be able to collect a letter or parcel. You may be out of the country or simply too busy. With a virtual PO box you never need worry about not being able to receive an important document. Virtual assistants at the virtual office can sign for your important documents. Plus, with a mail forwarding service, you can have the document sent to you anywhere in the world. This can make you more flexible geographically, ensuring you can work from any location and travel at your fancy, all the while maintaining all the advantages of having a fixed address.


A virtual PO box and mail forwarding address may be all you need when you first set up your business, but as you expand, so will your business needs. A virtual PO box can be scaled up to include multiple services from telephone call handling, meeting rooms and much more.