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5 Signs You Need a Private Office

By Brian Farris   |    March 9, 2021   |    10:54 AM

How to Tell When It’s Time to Move On From Your Home Office or Coworking Space

There are some big benefits to working from a home office or a shared coworking space. Both options are affordable and flexible, making them solid choices for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to lower the company’s overhead costs.

There are some serious downsides, too.

For starters, it can be difficult to stay productive and focused. Distractions, on the other hand, are plentiful: Household chores. Kids trying to cope with at-home schooling. Chatty office-mates. 

Plus, it’s hard to do your best work when privacy is hard to come by.

A private virtual office space is an ideal solution to these problems, but it can be tough to know when it’s time for an office upgrade. You might have questions like, “Will I actually use an office outside the house when it’s so convenient to work from home?” and, “

If you have a hunch that a workspace with a door could be a game-changer for your career, see if you can relate to these five signs you need a private office. 

1. Your calendar is full of phone and video calls

If you’re like many modern professionals, your calendar is packed with meetings. While it’s certainly possible to take these calls from shared spaces, that approach can backfire if you need peace and quiet.

If being able to shut the door on distractions would allow you to have more productive meetings, it might be time for a private office.

2. You miss connecting and networking with like-minded professionals

This can be one of the toughest parts about working from home. You can easily network online using platforms like LinkedIn, but there’s nothing quite like connecting in-person.

When you rent a private virtual office, you’ll be surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and business owners who also work in the office suite. They’ll come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, too.

Many private office space providers also facilitate events and other opportunities to network with your new neighbors. That’s how we do it at Intelligent Office — our local offices have thriving professional communities for members to join. It’s not uncommon for members to make referrals and help each other out, either.

3. You need a purpose-built space to get work done

When it comes to productivity, our physical environment is incredibly important. It’s hard to tap into deep focus while working from the couch or kitchen table. 

A private office will come equipped with everything you need to work, including a desk and other essential office furniture. Virtual office spaces also have other equipment you might need for your business, like printers, scanners, rentable conference rooms, whiteboards, and more.

4. Your current office is starting to feel claustrophobic

Sometimes, you simply need more room to work.

Maybe you don’t have enough room on your desk (if you have a desk at all) for your computer setup. Perhaps you’re working on a big project and could use some extra space to review documents and notes.

So, if you’re feeling cramped and confined in your current office, consider renting a private one. There will be plenty of room to spread out.

5. You need a secure office space

Discretion is vital across a variety of professions — you can’t leave sensitive information out in the open for anyone to see.

Whether you’re an accountant reviewing client files, a lawyer sorting through physical discovery documents, a medical professional who needs to safely store patient files, or anyone else with a need to keep information safe, consider renting a private office space.

When you head out for lunch or leave for the day, you’ll have peace of mind that private information will remain private.

Are you ready to rent a private office?

There are plenty of rentable private office spaces throughout the U.S. and Canada, so you can search until you find the right space for your needs

If you’re ready to have a door and desk that’s all your own, get in touch with your local Intelligent Office branch. We have locations across North America, so it’s easy to find the perfect space to call your own.