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Can Medical Providers use Virtual Assistants?

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Can Medical Providers use Virtual Assistants?

The health care industry is complicated, and that complexity can be daunting for medical service providers. Adhering to strict federal regulations in addition to the standard headaches of operating a business can leave medical service providers frustrated and exhausted. One remedy for this overload is the use of a virtual assistant. Let’s take a closer look at why virtual assistant services are ideal fits for medical service providers.

HIPAA Trained and Certified Staff

Our virtual assistants are HIPAA-trained and certified to be compliant by your specific HIPAA standards. Depending on your area of practice, you’re required by federal law to uphold certain standards with regards to patient privacy. Our virtual assistants understand the repercussions of violating these standards, which is why our staff is professionally trained to handle sensitive information. A virtual medical assistant from Intelligence Office is an extension of your team who is privy to your office’s procedures and commitment to ethics.  

Operational Efficiency

Health care providers handle massive amounts of information that requires intense organization in order to avoid costly federal regulation violations. A virtual medical assistant is an efficient solution to those organizational requirements. Not only can virtual assistants help your staff by freeing them up to greet patients and do on-site filing, they can schedule appointments, receive insurance information, record new patient information, follow up with patients, and transmit other information directly to your office. These front-end services provide reliable structure to operations while also limiting stress on medical service providers and their full-time staffs.

Improve Customer Relations

Virtual assistants help your medical service business directly through reliable production, but they also help in more subtle ways like building trust with patients. When virtual assistants interact with patients and their families at that first point of contact, it’s with a personal knowledge of your local community and your business. When operations are organized and consistent, patients and families are able to trust their local health care providers. More than that, when your staff is unburdened of answering all phone calls (and routine client phone, chat, or email engagement), they’re free to engage with patients and their families. Your health care service becomes a more holistic solution for all involved.  

Cost Savings

The most practical reason why virtual assistants are perfect for medical service providers is the cost savings. A full-time office employee requires a full-time salary, including benefits and vacation time. A virtual medical assistant provides all of the elements of a traditional office employee, including the ability to schedule, take down customer information, and provide customer service, but without the financial commitment. In fact, virtual office assistants can be employed for around $1-2 an hour. It’s important to remember that virtual assistant services are on-demand, meaning you won’t have to worry about sick days, vacation time, lunch breaks, or any other scheduling issues. This is especially important for smaller offices and solo practictioners with fewer operational resources.

Medical service providers operate under a unique set of business demands, including powerful legal scrutiny, discretion, and an ultimate commitment to their patients. This results in operational and financial stress. Virtual assistant services are the definitive business solution to this stress. Contact an Intelligent Office Location near you to find out more!

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