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What is a Virtual Business Address?

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What is a Virtual Business Address?

A business address is a practical need for all businesses. You need a physical address to send and receive mail, for example. One way to secure a business address is through renting or buying office space, but these long-term commitments often come with expensive costs that can set your business back. Another way to secure a business address is through a virtual business address. So what is a virtual business address, and why is it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes? Let’s explore.

A virtual business address is a service associated with virtual offices. A virtual business address provides a physical location for your business communications, including mail, reception staff to greet your customers and sign for packages, answering services, and more. But there are other factors that make securing a virtual mailing address more than just a matter of practicality.

Professional Image

Consumers are quickly becoming expert researchers when it comes to evaluating businesses. If you’re currently using your home address as your business address, this can be a knock against your credibility in the eyes of a consumer who is accustomed to seeing an office or storefront. Sharing a home address can also create security and privacy concerns for the business owner. A virtual address establishes a reliable point of contact and projects a professional image that is associated with successful, legitimate businesses. If you choose to add services such as a virtual assistant or hourly spaces and conference rooms to meet with clients, your business can further present itself as a corporate entity capable of handling clients big and small.

Credit Approval

Banks and financial institutions can follow the same logic as consumers, assuming a home business address is associated with a new or unsuccessful business. This is perhaps even more damaging than negative consumer perception, as financial institutions might use such rationale to deny credit requests.

For small or developing businesses, a credit denial could significantly slow business growth. A virtual mailing address gives your business the authority that banks require for investment, so you can keep your operations on schedule.

Local Business Search

As consumers turn to their phones to research and, ultimately, make purchasing decisions, it’s critical that your business is listed in business directories such as Google My Business. Without a physical address, however, your listing will not be verified. It’s imperative to choose a virtual office, like Intelligent Office, that can receive the Google Verification postcard and notify you immediately of the code to verify your Google My Business listing.

This is important because business directories such as Google My Business provide basic contact information to prospects, including phone number and address as well as business reviews. These basic elements are important for convenience as well as increasing your business’ online visibility, where prospects are evaluating potential business partners.

Local Footprint

Some businesses need to establish themselves as members of their communities. A virtual address provides access to a shared office space in the area where their business is located. For a monthly charge, this can even include a physical listing on the office entrance as a way of reinforcing the legitimacy of your business (suite/directory listings can matter to Google as well). If you need to meet with potential clients or other area business leaders, a virtual mailing address secures access to this space.

Business owners have to be creative and carefully evaluate all of their options. Instead of wasting money on expensive office space, a virtual address provides business owners with practical communication resources while also building trust with consumers, lenders, and their local community. For more information on a business address from Intelligent Office, contact the office near you!

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