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Understanding the Different Types of Virtual Office Space

By Brian Farris   |    December 1, 2020   |    11:56 AM


When it comes to where you work, there’s more flexibility now than ever before, and every option has its pros and cons.

You could work from a home office, which is great for cutting down on your commute time. A home office also makes it tricky to disconnect at the end of the workday, and distractions are almost guaranteed.

Or, maybe you prefer a traditional office in a commercial building. This type of office setup is perfect for professionals who love being in the middle of all the action, and certain addresses undoubtedly come with a degree of prestige. On the downside, traditional office leases tend to be expensive and inflexible. You might need to sign a lease for months or years at a time, and what happens if you no longer need that space?

What if you’re the type of entrepreneur, business owner, or professional who likes a mix? Maybe you want to work from home or a local coffee shop one day, but wouldn’t mind settling into a quiet, private office the next day. 

It might seem like there’s no middle ground, but that’s not true at all. Virtual office space can provide the flexibility you need to do more of your best work.

What is virtual office space?

The word “virtual” may make it seem like this type of office space isn’t real or tangible, but that’s hardly the case.

Virtual office space is simply a term that describes flexible workspaces, and there are several different types of workspace that professionals can choose from.

Private Office Space

You can rent a virtual private office space, which means you’ll have your own quiet office to hunker down and get work done (complete with a door that you can close).

Many virtual office suites are staffed by welcoming receptionists who will greet your guests when they arrive. They often boast premier locations to hang your shingle, fast WiFi, and additional services to support the growth of your business.

Coworking Space

While many coworking spaces have private offices that you can rent for an additional fee, coworking generally speaks to an open office setup. People who work from the space choose any open spot and get to work.

This can be an affordable option for entrepreneurs who want to save on overhead but it doesn’t work for everyone (because coworking spaces can be loud and distracting).

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Virtual office space providers also tend to have fully equipped meeting and conference rooms that can be rented as needed. They’re a helpful complement to a private virtual office or a coworking space.

Each room has all of the conferencing tools you need for a successful meeting, like conference phones and whiteboards.

Choosing a virtual office space provider

Virtual offices are becoming more and more popular every year, which means you can find the perfect space for your needs and preferences.

Some spaces have shared common areas with foosball tables, video games, and kegs of beer and kombucha. This type of space is ideal for people who enjoy a more social environment when they want to take their mind off work.

Other spaces, like Intelligent Office, still have common areas, but the ambiance is more professional. Our office suites are quiet, professional, and purpose-built to maximize your productivity and impress your clients.

If that sounds like the type of virtual office environment you’d like to try out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a local Intelligent Office branch near you. Click here to find the closest location, and get ready to experience what it’s like to office more intelligently.