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The CPA’s Guide to Life After Tax Season

By Barbara Beauregard   |    April 15, 2019   |    10:10 AM

You’ve Survived Tax Season… What’s Next for Your Tax Services Company?

Tax season is finally over. That means it’s time for CPAs and tax professionals around the country to kick back and relax until next year, right? The pressure is down and the pace of business slows significantly, after all.

If only that were the case! There’s plenty to do once tax season is over. Still, it’s a great time to set your tax services business up for future success, and here’s your guide to productivity and work-life balance after April 15th.

Schedule some time to reflect on what went right this tax season (and what didn’t)

Wouldn’t it be great if next year’s tax season ran even more efficiently?

It’s easy to ramp up your CPA firm’s efficiency if you spend some time reflecting on the pluses and minuses of the tax season:

  • What went right?
  • What stressed you out the most and how can you avoid those types of situations next year?

Then, use this information to create a tax season action plan for next year. You’ll build on your plan and each subsequent tax season will be more productive than the last.

Get caught up on your tax business’s administrative tasks

While we’re on the subject of learning from the past and improving the efficiency of your company’s operations, let’s talk about the art of delegating administrative duties.

Administrative tasks are usually the first thing to get pushed aside when the business gets busier. Now that you have some room to breathe, thinking about what it’ll take to get caught up on paperwork, invoicing, returning phone calls, and everything else is enough to make your palms sweat.

With a virtual assistant, you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff (learn why every CPA could use a virtual assistant here). They can take over phone answering, manage your entire calendar, get you caught up on paperwork and filing, and so much more. The best part? Having this type of affordable professional help will make it a whole lot easier to accomplish the next phase of your tax season wind-down.

Unwind during a post-tax season vacation

If there was ever the perfect time to take a vacation, it would be after tax season. You deserve a mental break from the grind, even if it’s a casual staycation close to home.

Be sure to turn off your cell phone and unplug for a few days — you’ll return to the office refreshed and ready to continue growing your tax services business. Remember, responding to work emails the entire time defeats the purpose of taking time off to unwind.

Enroll in CPA continuing education courses

To maintain licensure, all CPAs must meet certain continuing education requirements. Tackling those continuing professional education (CPE) courses during the off-season is always a wise move (after you’ve reflected on tax season and taken a vacation, of course).

The Board of Accountancy in each state will outline the specific courses that a CPA needs. You can also have your virtual assistant help keep track of CPE course requirements so you never miss a deadline.