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Public Relations: 4 Ways to Score Free PR

By Garrett Spence   |    September 7, 2017   |    9:33 AM


Low Cost PR Solutions

It's possible to deploy a quality PR campaign without breaking the bank! Here are 4 low-cost ways to raise your public relations profile.

1. Get Friendly with the Media

It costs nothing to be friendly and reach out to people, and reaching out to people who work in the media industry can score you free PR. Build relationships by commenting on and complimenting reporters and bloggers. For example, compliment a reporter via Twitter, leave a comment at the end of an online story or write an affirmative post on your blog highlighting their work, and then e-mail them the link. Connect with them online or in real life at public events. People in the media respond regularly to posts they’ve written and if they like your story may give you free PR.

2. Use Social Media

Social media is essential for PR. Having a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is vital for all public relations. It costs very little, only your Wifi bill, and some brain-power to send out a tweet or post a blog. In order to attract attention, become a charismatic expert in your field. Join forums, post and blog regularly about topics relevant to your sector; this will publicize globally that you’re experienced, active and an expert on your subject matter. This will give you great PR.

3. Write an Article for the Press

Blogging online on your website is great, but to reach a wide audience and earn prestige, it is best to be recognized by a reputable, independent publication. Choose an esteemed publication with a large distribution that meshes with your customer base. Reach out to the newspaper or magazine, and offer to pen a free article that will have relevancy to their audience. Put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, and write something that demonstrates your knowledge of the subject and skill set. If you write something popular you may be invited back to write further articles. This will score you free PR as readers become familiar with your name and identify you as an authority. Many companies ignore traditional PR methods in favor of social networking or online campaigns but with a more traditional approach you can really help with brand awareness.

4. Publicize your Charity Work

If you regularly attend charity events or do voluntary or other philanthropic work make sure you get press attention for it, as this is a great way to score free PR. Request that any charity you work with or that at any event you attend that your business logo is added to their marketing pieces and website. Make sure that on your website and theirs that an eye-catching press release is included about your participation as this will also attract the attention of the media. Also attend any big community events. It only costs you time to attend these and can  make an impact on your reputation. If you can offer free advice to causes, events and charities you are bound to attract press attention and score free PR for your business.