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How to Motivate your Team Under Pressure

By Barbara Beauregard   |    July 3, 2017   |    9:32 AM


Team Motivation Tips

When your team is under pressure, it is vital to provide them with the support they need to push through to the end. Businesses are bursting with bosses who demotivate their teams, when their staff needs to be inspired. Most are unaware that their approach is a hindrance, not a help. Frequently bosses become tyrannical, thinking that by playing tough that staff will then do whatever it takes to make it to that finishing line. Research suggests that increasing stress is the worst approach you could take to motivating your team. Employees consequently suffer from unnecessarily high levels of stress, and increased stress means less productivity not more. This article will guide you on the right way of motivating staff, to ensure that they work with maximum productivity and creativity. This will benefit your business and get your entire team through those difficult days. 

Keep Calm and Carry On

The first rule is, as a boss, you need to appear unruffled. If your employees see that you are agitated, angry or otherwise affected it will make them even more nervous. As a leader you need to stay cool, calm and composed.

Follow the Leader

Even though it is important to stay cool and composed you also need to project to your team an ethic of hard work. If they see that you are very engrossed in your tasks and energetic about getting to the goal, they will follow suit and you will motivate your team.

Step by Step

It can be easy for staff to get demoralised and lose sight of the end if there is only one big goal in mind. To motivate your team give them step by step instructions. Give each separate member of staff a series of clear and achievable tasks. With only a vague idea of how to get the job done, or only a distant finishing line, they will feel lost and not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Small steps rather than a giant leap is better for team spirit.

Reward and Repeat

It is easy to forget how each team player contributes to the end game. As individual staff reach those step by step goals, you should reward them. For example, shower them with praise and publicly commend their performance to motivate them. Repeat the process at each step.

Boost Team Morale

Tempers can flare under pressure, and infighting can be the result. It is crucial to get your team to pull together, support one another and guide each other. This will lessen your work and motivate your team. To boost team morale, have the entire team take time off to go for a coffee, lunch break or a dinner away from the office to refresh and regroup together.

Lighten the Tone

Although the job at hand may be very serious, being too solemn can kill the mood and dull the energy needed to get to that finishing line. Telling a few jokes, sharing a funny YouTube video,  a hilarious pet photo, or otherwise lightening the tone can be a welcome 5 minute break that uplifts and motivates your team so that they can keep on working to meet that goal.

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