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How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant For Your Small Business or Startup

By Jessica Valdez   |    April 22, 2019   |    12:15 PM

Everything to Consider When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Successful entrepreneurs know that it takes a village to successfully grow a business. If you want to take your small business or startup to the next level, hiring the right people is imperative.

Interviewing, hiring, and training a new employee is stressful and time intensive, but teaming up with a team of virtual assistants (VA) removes those obstacles. These professionals have already been vetted by the virtual business services company that employs them, so you’ll have a highly-qualified team. VA’s have also been trained in the basics of administrative duties, phone answering, and other key business support tasks. All you need to do is train them on the specifics of your business.

To find the perfect virtual assistant that will help grow the business, keep these X questions in mind during your search.

1. Is this a team of virtual assistants or a one-off virtual employee?

Solo virtual employees may feel like the way to go, but what happens when he/she is on vacation, sick or unavailable for any reason? A team of on-demand remote assistants provides the bandwidth to best assist your business. Your business also won't be subject to the problems of turnover, as each assistant can be trained to effectively handle your customers.

2. Are the virtual assistants professional?

You need teammates who answer emails promptly, always follows through, can deliver high-quality customer service, and more. When working with a provider this question can usually be answered with an enthusiastic yes, but it never hurts to see that the assistants are showing up every day in a professional office environment, not working from their bed at home.

3. Does the virtual assistant have the skills and background knowledge needed to be successful in your business?

The list of tasks and projects a virtual assistant can take on is virtually endless. Before you hire someone, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the types of work you’ll need completed.

This is especially critical if you’ll need help with specialized tasks or if you need an assistant with industry-specific skills. For example, some virtual assistants have been specifically trained in HIPAA compliance, but it isn’t a universal skill.

4. What is the virtual assistant’s availability?

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a virtual assistant is the flexibility. You can get part-time or full-time help on an as-needed basis.

When looking at potential assistants don’t forget to confirm that the person will be available when you need them. If you work with a team of on-demand assistants, that problem is mitigated.

5. Do the virtual assistants work with other businesses?

Looking up Google Reviews, testimonials, or asking to speak with other clients is a great way to determine if they’ll be a good fit for your own company.

Are you ready to find the perfect virtual assistants? Intelligent Office has expert VAs waiting to help your business grow — just click here to find a team in your city