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4 Ways your Startup Could Save the World

By Garrett Spence   |    April 17, 2017   |    10:27 AM


The world of business has drastically altered in the last decade. Increasingly, startups and firms of all types are becoming aware of the need to have a business ethos that incorporates sustainability as a central feature.

There is an increasing desire for companies not only to make profits but also benefit their communities, the environment and our world in general.

This has led to a focus on the triple bottom line: profits, people and the planet. Here are 4 ways your startup can save the world.

1. Give to Charity

There are many ways your startup can commence its philanthropic activities. Your startup might choose to provide a service or product for free to a charity or an NGO. You could, if you prefer, ensure that a percentage of the profit from every product or service sold goes towards a charity. No matter what you do, not only will you be publicising the cause, but by contributing to it you will make our world a better place.

2. Adopt Eco-friendly Practices

How deeply your startup wants to commit to this depends on your business model. You might decide that all the materials you use in the office and in your products have to be recyclable. You might want to imitate Google, who have switched to 100% renewable energy to power their business, to save the planet and costs. Instead, you may prefer to open a virtual office with remote workers, so as to reduce energy usage and pollution from commuting cars. Any method you chose will benefit people and the planet.

3. Invent Something that Saves the Planet

If you are a visionary your startup might invent something to save the world! There are so many companies that have invented life-changing products. LifeStraw designed a straw that filters out microbiological contaminants to make water safe to drink. It is designed to aid people in countries who don’t have access to potable water or those struggling in emergency scenarios following natural disasters when water is contaminated. Seabin invented an automated marina rubbish bin to replace trash-collecting boats. Seabin gathers floating rubbish, debris and oil, 24/7 in the ocean. There are many ideas that could make you money whilst also healing our world, you just need to think of them!

4. Provide Free Education

Education saves lives. It is the key to livelihood for every single being on the planet. Yet income disparities entail that not everyone has the same education opportunities. Furthermore, in recent years state investment in education has declined.  By providing free education tools you can greatly improve the lives of people on our planet. There are many ways your startup can do this: you can pick an issue that aligns with your values and ideals. After this simply write a course and release it free online. You can publish a free text book or hold a free workshop, training session or class aimed at disadvantaged communities or schools.