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Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Remote Customer Service Provider

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By Pramod Raheja   |    November 20, 2013   |    9:37 AM

You’re a busy person and that’s why you’ve decided you want to use a remote customer service provider. However, before hiring that person, you want to make sure they can handle each and every one of your specific needs. Below are the Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Remote Customer Service Provider:

1. Can you handle all of my administrative needs?

Ask your customer service provider if she or he can take care of basic administrative tasks. Can he register you for seminars and conferences? Is he willing to make travel arrangements for you, book your flights, and look up the best time for Amtrak to get you from Union to Penn Station next week? Will he stuff envelopes and mail off important documents for you? Sometimes, you are too busy to handle these basic tasks on your own, and you need this person to handle this side of things for you.

2. Can you answer client questions?

Maybe you’re in a meeting or maybe you’re away on vacation. When those situations arise, you need someone else to answer when your clients come calling. If you hire the right individual, he should know enough about your business to competently answer any questions your client may have until you can give them a call back.

3. Can you handle my social media needs?

You have a Twitter Account, a LinkedIn Company page AND personal page, a Facebook company page, a Pinterest account, a Google+ page….you get the point! And you need to consistently promote your business through these avenues. Ask if your customer service representative can do this for you, which will save you lots of time and energy for you to focus on other aspects of your business.

4. What other skills do you have that set you apart from other providers?

So, he says he can arrange for your travel, handle your clients’ important questions, and tweet for you—what else can he do? Some customer service providers have a vast array of skills unbeknownst to you. Some provide notary services and some will even make cold calls for you. Make sure you are utilizing all of these skills by knowing all that they can do for you!