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Business Owners - Here's How to Save 10-Plus Hours Every Month

Time is essential to any business owner, no matter how big or small your business is. Here are some tips and tricks to teach you how to save time so that you can dedicate your energy and extra time to those things that really count.

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Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing

In today’s world, email marketing campaigns has never been more important than they are now. But yet many entrepreneurs don’t know how to do it right. This article will guide you on the basics so that you can build a fantastic email marketing campaign and reap the benefits.

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DIY Website Builders vs Custom Websites - Which is Right for Your Business?

There are two main methods to get a website up and running: a DIY website builder tool or a custom website built by a designer or developer. Here are the pros and cons of each.

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4 Smartest Marketing Automation Tactics

Automation is deemed a revolutionary marketing technique and those companies that do not take advantage will lose out. But even those who have adopted some marketing automation tools may not have extended their business’s automation practices far enough. There is a lot more to marketing automation than triggered emails. This technological advancement allows for a plethora of possibilities that can increase profits at the click of a few buttons. Here is how to make marketing automation work for you.

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3 Tips to Successfully Scale Your Business

Every major company in the world, whether it is Apple or Virgin, was a start up once. Even companies that are now worth billions once started with a vision, an idea and only a handful of people. Bill Gates started his business working out of his garage. How did these small businesses turn into profitable multinational blue chips? Obviously hard work, expertise, dedicated staff and timing played a huge role but so did the ability to scale and grow. All companies no mattertheir size need to focus onsustainable growth and on how to scale over time. Only by scaling will you be able to perform under an increased workload and improve profit margins. Here are tips and tricks from the best in the business that will teach you how to scale your business.

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3-Step Checklist to Get Your Business Ready for the Holiday Season

Although you might still be enjoying some rays of sunshine thanks to the last days of the Indian Summer, it does not mean you should ignore the fact that winter is around the corner. No matter what business you own you should start preparing now for winter holiday season so that you can capitalize on increased consumer spending.Here are three steps to get your business ready for the holiday sales season.

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3 Ways Shrewd Businesses Use Mobile

Businesses today are fortunate to be operating in a golden age of technology. Devices such as mobile phones make it easier than ever to reach customers across the globe. Technologies, new apps and new media outlets, such as social media, mean that marketing strategies can be more effective than ever. In order to stay competitive, it is vital that small business owners keep up with mobile trends. Traditional, tried-and-tested marketing methods just don’t cut it anymore. Here’s how to gain a competitive edge with mobile devices.

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4 Freelance Tips for Beginners

Being a freelancer is wonderful. The internet, mobile phones and other advanced technologies have made it easier than ever to freelance. The free in freelance seems to epitomize those many freedoms that working for yourself entails. The freedom of being your own boss, working the hours you please, being able to pick and choose what you work on and how you work on it and even where you work on it. You are free to choose when you go on holiday and what your logo should look like. However there are times when freelancing can suddenly seem like a struggle, when you can’t find work, when you’re behind on your bills or when you do not receive full or timely payment for clients. But these things are only obstacles; done right, freelancing can make the world a place of profit and opportunities. Here’s how to thrive as a freelancer

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6 Bootstrapping Tips for Entrepreneurs

As a startup, it is hard to find angel investors or sources of other capital to infuse into your new business, but sometimes it pays in the long term to launch your own business by bootstrapping, that is, by funding it out of your own pocket. While it is an excellent and admirable way to start your business, it may not seem obvious at first. It’s all about making the right plans and taking the right steps. You need to be diligent, flexible and determined in order to succeed. Here are the top tips for your bootstrapping adventure.

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Leadership Skills - What Makes an Effective Manager?

Google is famous for its love ofdata-based decision making.Yet even Google was in for a big surprise when it decided to crunch the numbers to decode the secret of success so as to uncover the most important leadership skills. In a study that involved the collation and analysis of 10,000 manager observations, using surveys, performance reviews and nominations for top-manager awards and recognition, Google reached some amazing conclusions, not least that technical expertise is the least important skill for a good leaders. So what leadership skills are the most important?

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