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5 Ways to Support the Mental Health of Your Employees

In recent years, mental health in the office has become a hot topic. In fact, bosses and managers have realized that employees who are mentally well can do more of their best work.

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How Mail Services and Professional Addresses Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

In today's mobile economy, digital entrepreneurs often work from varying locations. While this can help save money and increase agility, it comes with one big drawback:

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How to Win Over Your Competition's Customers

If you operate in a crowded or competitive industry, this is the guidance you need to win over the competition's customers.

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How to Reduce Your Firm’s Overhead, Increase Billable Hours, & Get More Done.

As a busy lawyer with a thriving legal practice, you likely have a lengthy to-do list that never seems to end. If you’re responsible for practicing law and running the business, your list of daily obligations will be even longer.

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6 Mistakes for Your Small Business to Avoid During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the economy begins to open back up, business owners need to remember that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over. Companies must approach reopening carefully and be prepared to make tough decisions about how to operate going forward.

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Accountants, CPAs, and Tax Preparers: Here’s Your Efficient Solution For Busy Season (And Beyond)

Accountants, CPAs, tax preparers, and other professionals who provide financial services have successfully used virtual business services since the 1990s. Since those early days, virtual business services have provided an affordable and flexible solution for tax and accounting professionals.

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Essential Mobile Office Tools For On-the-Go Entrepreneurs

When you work from airports, trains, coffee shops, and other locations, you need an office that can travel with you. Here are the top tools that Intelligent Office members depend on to get their best work done from all around the world.

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Small Business Survival Tips for Tough Economic Times

Right now, times are tough for small business owners across the world. Unlike larger companies and corporations, smaller businesses don’t always have the resources needed to weather a severe economic downturn. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, though.

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A Look at How Intelligent Office's Virtual Assistants Respond to Customer Calls

When a business owner decides to use a phone answering service, one of the most common apprehensions we hear about is how calls from customers will be handled. When you’ve spent years building a business, it’s a reasonable concern to have.

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Improve Your Virtual Meetings With These 5 Tips and Tools

In today’s modern business environment, more and more companies are realizing the benefits of allowing team members to work remotely. Additionally, it’s more common than ever to hold virtual meetings with business partners, prospects, and clients.

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Get More Online Reviews for Your Business with These 4 Tips

In many ways, online reviews are the lifeblood of your small business. Prospects want to see proof that your products or services will work for them, and there’s no better way to vet something than through reviews. If you don’t have any reviews, people aren’t going to feel confident making a purchase.

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Expand Your Business to Provinces Across Canada With Virtual Offices

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, expanding into new provinces and cities is a major business goal. However, expansions typically come with hefty costs, especially if you need to secure office space and/or hire more employees.

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