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Emotional Advertising - Focus on Feelings

As a small business owner it may be advantageous to use advertising that appeals to feelings over branding that presents facts. You don't need a lot of capital to easily devise content that will have an emotional sway on your audience, and studieshave concluded that emotional advertising is the most effective form of publicity.

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Canada Drives and its “Digital First” Approach to Branding

This year the fintech companyCanada Drives became the fastest growing firm in Canada, according to the Profit 500 rankings of entrepreneurial achievement.

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7 Tips to Make Sure Your Elevator Pitch Doesn’t Fall Apart

Here are some common mistakes to avoid so you can create a narrative that connects with your audience.

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5 Little Known Google Analytics Tricks For Small Business Owners

Goals are an easy-to-use feature which are too often ignored. Most website owners focus on traffic, but translating that traffic into conversions should be your most important goal. Google offers many templates so that you can track goals. Go to Admin > Goals > New Goal to set up your first goal. Once this is done, you will not immediately have visible results, but over time you will be able to monitor your progress with graphs and other tools.

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The Importance of A/B Testing Your Marketing

A/B testing, also known assplit testing, is the best method of improving your online promotional and marketing strategies for your small business. It consists of comparing various versions of a marketing webpage, app or paid search, display or remarketing ad to determine which one is more successful. A/B testing can make a vast difference in how effective your marketing efforts prove to be, hence saving you time and making you more money in the long run. You need to ensure the branded message you send out to your potential clients fits not only your small business's image but will also draw in customers. With A/B testing you can easily hone in on the most effective elements of your marketing piece to ensure your efforts are not in vain!

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Identifying Key Revenue Drivers to Improve Your Sales Strategy

Start by identifying your key revenue drivers.These are the areas and channels that are the best at attracting and converting potential sales leads. Here's how to find them.

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5 Problems That Can Occur When You Have Insufficient Business Capital

Insufficient capitalmay cause you to cut costs in areas where you should be devoting more funds. Here are the ways not having enough capital will hurt startups and what you can do to raise more money.

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Should a Business Alliance be Part of Your Growth Strategy?

Sometimes when seeking to grow your business it can be a good idea to partner with an existing company. When should small businesses take this approach and how should they go about doing it?

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Should Your Business Be Using Facebook For Local Advertising?

Facebook can be an extremely helpful tool for marketing your business, especially if you’re willing to dive deeper and learn more about all of the useful tools that the platform has made available. Some of these tools are incredibly easy to use, too.

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5 Reasons Email Marketing Still Matters For Small Business

Many other forms of digital marketing have yielded great results for small business, but email marketing is still a big winner. Here are the top reasons you should still utilize email marketing your customer acquisition strategy.

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Why You Should Participate in Job Fairs When Hiring Employees

Job Fairs can be great networking opportunities for both employers and employees. They can get your name in front of the right potential employees. This article explains why small businesses should seek top talent at a job fair:

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