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You Bought a Business... What Next?

Acquiring a business is exciting, but when you buy an existing one it may take some work to alter it so that you can implement your own ideas. Many people buy existing businesses and have great ideas as to how to re-vamp them. However, numerous small business owners will never see their ideas actualized, as they can't put those great ideas into practice.

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How to Create a Company Blog People Will Love

In today's world where using the internet has become part of our everyday existence, blogging has never been more important. Especially for small businesses, it is vital marketing tool to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested. A company blog epitomizes who you are as a brand and speaks volumes about your knowledge, expertise and outlook. If you create an engaging blog you can increase traffic to your website, boost your small business's reputation and even position your small business as an industry leader. But in a virtual world saturated with information creating a blog that stands out from the crowd is not always easy. This article explores how your small business can build a blog to attract your chosen audience.

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5 Tips for Increasing Operational Efficiency

In order for startups to get off the ground and become profitable, they need to do more than just focus on income; they need to be smart about running their business in an efficient manner. Ensuring your startup is running at optimal efficiency is vital in today's markets. It's particularly important for small businesses to operate efficiently, as they usually have limited access to resources when compared to their larger peers. Operational efficiency is predicated upon input vs. your output. Input means everything that goes into the production of goods or service. The output is the end product. To improve your operational efficiency, you need reduce the input necessary to gain the best output. This means streamlining your business operations to ensure that they are running at optimal efficiency. These tips will help you do that.

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4 Low Cost Business Ideas

In today's world it literally pays to be creative and clever about starting your own business. As an entrepreneur there are many ways you can inexpensively start a business and in so doing maximise profit. Here are some business ideas for the cost-conscious entrepreneur.

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Why Founders Should Pay Themselves

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should begin to take a salary, keep reading — here’s why founders should pay themselves.

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4 Benefits of Telecommuting for Employers and Employees

In today's era technology has allowed us to dissolve barriers such as space and time. This means workers need not waste time commuting daily to sit in a cubicle for 40 hours. Instead they can form part of a virtual office where they do their jobs remotely. There are manybenefits ofworking in a virtual office both for bosses and employees.

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How to Improve your Strategic Thinking

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy; you need to lead and execute. In order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to keep tabs on where your business is at today whilst developing a vision for the future. In some ways, mentally, you need to be in two places simultaneously. To do this successfully you need to be a pro at strategic thinking. Here are some tips to enable you to improve your strategic thinking.

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4 Key Components of a Marketing Plan

Marketing used to be straightforward. Only a handful of newspapers and magazines used to exist for each marketing niche. There were a limited number of TV channels, radio stations and billboards across the nation. That meant that planning marketing was fairly simple. All you needed was a compelling marketing message. Today, everything has changed. With the advent of the digital age, marketing is far less easy. There are billions of web sites and millions of apps. In the past all you needed to do was discern consumer needs and then push products based on utility. For startups today, marketing strategy is all about creating engaging integrated materials that ensure an immersive and inclusive experience. This article will help you plan a marketing strategy that meshes the best of technology with the tried and tested axioms of advertising.

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4 Cloud Storage Solutions to Protect against Disaster

The cloud has revolutionized the workplace, allowing physical barriers such as distance to be overcome. The cloud allows remote workers and their teams to connect, communicate and collaborate constantly, forming a virtual office. However for all the advantages of this, there are can be some serious hazards if you are not careful about your cloud storage. Whether it’s a fire, a flood or breach of security, disaster can hit at any time, and your data will be the first and worst victim. Therefore it is in your best interest to ensure you design a backup plan for your cloud storage that protects your data against disaster. Here are the best cloud storage solutions for a virtual office.

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Big Time Branding - How Small Businesses Can Brand Themselves Like the Big Guys

It doesn’t matter how good your small business is if people can’t remember it. Your brand identity represents your small business, denoting your offering as well as your vision to potential customers. It comprises a key differentiator in competitive markets. As a small business, you might think that due to the disparity between your marketing budget and a much larger enterprise’s that the cards are stacked against you, but there are many ways that you can successively compete against big businesses by copying their most triumphant branding tactics.

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Building a Multi-language Website

Nowadays, having a multi-language website is key for any startup that wants to promote its products and services beyond local markets. After all, English may be a popular language, but there are well over 6,900 other languages! Chinese is the most widely spoken language of these. Although embedding the Google translate widget in your website is an easy free solution, the tool only provides basic translation and often makes mistakes. This can make your startup look unprofessional. Furthermore, translating articles is only one part of the process. Creating content in several languages adds additional complex layers when it comes to web design. Here is the best way to go about building a multi-language website.

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How to Use your Marketing Strategy to Increase your Market Share

Whether you are a startup or small business, the process of attempting to increase your market share is vital. At all stages of your company's evolution you must keep trying to win new customers, especially in startup mode. Even as you read these words, your competitors are making efforts to win your customers over. In today's economy, to increase your marketing share you need to put in consistent efforts. This article will guide you in just how to do that.

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