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Digital Literacy 101

The future success of your business depends on your staff's ability to understand and harness digital tools. More and more businesses are adopting state-of-the-art digital technology to improve operational efficiency, allow for better time management, create value and improve competitiveness. Read on to find out about how digital literacy can help your business.

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Buying a Franchise - What Questions You Should Ask

Although you may have numerous motivations for wanting to buy your own franchise, there is one key factor you should keep in mind that will determine the success of your venture: money. That means that when you are evaluating whether or not to buy a particular franchise, you should be focusing on questions that allow you to gauge capital needs. Secondly, you need to know the markets your franchise will operate in.

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4 Ways your Startup Could Save the World

The world of business has drastically altered in the last decade. Increasingly, startups and firms of all types are becoming aware of the need to have a business ethos that incorporates sustainability as a central feature.

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How to Flip a Small Business

It means that an entrepreneur buys a company, thereby making an initial investment, then does some work to improve the business and then sells it for a profit. In recent years this has been a very popular way for savvy business people to make a substantial return on their investment. However easy as it may sound, when you flip a business, it is vital to get involved with a firm that will require a minimum of time, money and work on your part to make it viable. If you want to flip a business you need to have all the right elements in place so as to guarantee you'll make a profit. Here is what to look for in a business if you want to flip it.

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4 Cyber Security Tools Your Company Needs

In fact, nowadays nearly all businesses who have any reliance on web-based structures are at risk of a cyber attack. Although the public typically only hears about cyber attacks against governments or world famous companies, any kind of business, no matter its size or niche, is at risk from cyber criminals and therefore should get strong cyber security. In order to make sure you protect your business, here are some of the best cyber security solutions available on the market.

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What is the Internet of Things

Information technology is radically revolutionizing products and businesses. Previously machines were composed of disparate, unrelated mechanical as well as electrical bits and pieces. Today our machines have become intelligent, complex systems that can join together and combine their hardware, sensors, data and a whole plethora of other tools, to form a connected network that ensures optimal customer experience and maximum productivity. As a startup or small business, taking advantage of smart, connected products can give you the edge on the competition.

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Debunking 5 Myths About Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are on the rise due to their effectiveness. Yet some people still doubt their efficacy. You may have heard numerous myths about virtual offices. However, even if virtual offices operate distinctly from brick and mortar ones, that doesn’t mean that 'anything goes' and that all rules can be broken!

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Should You Hire Based on Culture Fit?

Leading a team that is naturally on the same page will be much easier than trying to guide a group of disjointed personalities. Culture fit is the cement that holds the bricks of your startup together. That’s why, when recruiting, it is vital to seek employees who will be a good fit. Even if you need to hire different personalities for different roles, they all need to share common values and motivations. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the consequences of inadequate culture fit can lead to a high turnover, thereby costing an organization between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary. Therefore, before hiring your startup employees you need to take the following steps.

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4 Secrets to Building a Successful Freelance Business

In today's world of hyper communications, the internet in particular, has made it easier than ever to work as a freelancer. Being freed from the strictures of a 9 to 5 office job can be emancipating but also it can be daunting, especially when starting your own freelance business. You might not be sure where and how to begin.

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You Bought a Business... What Next?

Acquiring a business is exciting, but when you buy an existing one it may take some work to alter it so that you can implement your own ideas. Many people buy existing businesses and have great ideas as to how to re-vamp them. However, numerous small business owners will never see their ideas actualized, as they can't put those great ideas into practice.

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How to Create a Company Blog People Will Love

In today's world where using the internet has become part of our everyday existence, blogging has never been more important. Especially for small businesses, it is vital marketing tool to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested. A company blog epitomizes who you are as a brand and speaks volumes about your knowledge, expertise and outlook. If you create an engaging blog you can increase traffic to your website, boost your small business's reputation and even position your small business as an industry leader. But in a virtual world saturated with information creating a blog that stands out from the crowd is not always easy. This article explores how your small business can build a blog to attract your chosen audience.

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5 Tips for Increasing Operational Efficiency

In order for startups to get off the ground and become profitable, they need to do more than just focus on income; they need to be smart about running their business in an efficient manner. Ensuring your startup is running at optimal efficiency is vital in today's markets. It's particularly important for small businesses to operate efficiently, as they usually have limited access to resources when compared to their larger peers. Operational efficiency is predicated upon input vs. your output. Input means everything that goes into the production of goods or service. The output is the end product. To improve your operational efficiency, you need reduce the input necessary to gain the best output. This means streamlining your business operations to ensure that they are running at optimal efficiency. These tips will help you do that.

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