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Dedicated Full Time Office Space

Consilium Place is located in a vital and dynamic hub for Toronto’s east end. New residential developments and investments in infrastructure and transportation in the area are gradually rejuvenating the demographic profile of the neighborhood, attracting increasingly prosperous and educated residents, who enjoy the proximity of local amenities.

Accessibility and convenience are two major factors which explain why this part of eastern Toronto is becoming a pole of attraction in the metropolitan area. The area is easily accessible by car or by public transit, in sync with the lifestyle of today’s workforce. Moreover, the proximity to amenities such as STC (a regional shopping mall) and a multitude of restaurants, fitness centers and hotels makes Consilium Place an attractive workplace, where businesses thrive on the liveliness of the region. Finally, due to the large size of the building complex, many services are available at Consilium Place.

What’s included with your full time office:

Office Amenities

  • 100 Consilium Place, Suite 200 as your business address
  • Locked, private mailbox, 24-hour mail access
  • A listing in the main lobby directory
  • 24/7 access to your personal office | Co- Share Cubicle Rental – Shared office space
  • Executive level office furniture
  • 24/7 membership privileges for hourly office, conference room, or boardroom use
  • Use of kitchen (water & coffee included for you & your clients)

Technical Amenities

  • Full internet access (high speed cable & wireless - 100 Mbps full duplex fibre optic based broadband)
  • FREE unlimited outgoing long distance calls within North America (discounted rates for international calls available as well)
  • Dedicated 416 Business Number with Rollovers (never a busy signal or call missed)
  • 24/7 Voicemail access from Anywhere
  • Voicemails sent by e-mail as a WAV or MP3 file

Reception Services

  • Unlimited reception courtesies, with drop-off/pick-up services
  • Live "Follow Me" Connectivity – Calls seamlessly connected to you locally or anywhere in the world, whether you’re in the office or on the road
  • Calls answered live, screened, assisted, announced and seamlessly connected
  • Includes 'To and From' Messaging (information on your day schedule, where and when you can be reached, specific messages for callers etc.)
  • Intelligent Assistant Services: Professional Friendly Receptionists Trained as Your Staff
  • 200 incoming, daytime, operator assisted calls | Co-Share Cubicle Rental – 50 incoming, daytime, operator assisted calls


  • Membership privileges at every Intelligent Office location across North America

Call (416) 972-6481 today to book your tour!

Picture of Franchise Manager
Kunjan Verma
Office Manager, Scarborough (Consilium Place)