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Not just for the Little Guy

Intelligent Office isn’t just for the “Little Guy”

A common misconception about the Intelligent Office is that we are only geared to and practical and useful for the small business, the start-up, the solo practitioner or the solo entrepreneur.  While all those types of persons or business entities can benefit greatly from what we have to offer, we are actually a very unique and useful solution for a large business as well.

Our virtual office packages afford a large New York City based firm or business a completely outfitted physical office address and suite with a receptionist to answer calls, all for a fraction of the cost of actually leasing space, financing a build-out, and staffing the location. This virtual office can be used to better attract new prospects who may be reluctant to go into New York City and/or to better serve existing clients who likewise do not want to commute into New York to meet at the company’s “main address.”  For such firms, we offer the benefit of a Class A address, in the Long Island Route 110 corridor (Long Island’s “Business Hub”), without the overhead of building out a suite, signing a long-term lease, and staffing it with employees.

Our virtual office clients, big and small, enjoy a prestigious mailing address (mail can be picked up or forwarded), real-time live receptionists, and a place to meet a client or prospect, right here in the Route 110 corridor.  

Our full-time, dedicated office space has also provided several New York City based national and international businesses with the ability to retain key employees who were considering leaving the firm or business due to the long, expensive, and burdensome commute to NYC. Instead, those employees enjoy a fully furnished and equipped, built-out one or two-person private, dedicated office, with receptionist services, without the company incurring the typical costs that go along with that.

Likewise, our virtual office packages provide an international business with a completely outfitted physical office address and suite, and a receptionist to answer local calls in English, all for a fraction of the cost of actually leasing space, financing a build-out, and staffing the location.

In summary, the Intelligent Office is not just for the small company, the solo practitioner, entrepreneur, or a start up.  We add value to large companies as well, by making a Long Island location as efficient and effective as being right in the heart of Manhattan.

“Intelligent, isn’t it?”

Picture of Franchise Manager
Maricel Gotay
Office Manager, Melville