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Recent News

Dec 9 2014
7 Reasons to Consider a Co-Working Space

 [1]  No Guilt 

Resorting to hourly coffee purchases might be the best way to avoid glares from the cafe employees after you plunk yourself down for an eight-hour work day at one of their tables.  But you don't have to feel guilty about working at a co-working space at Intelligent Office.  You can plug in your laptop and take that phone call without the guilt of breaking the "vibe."

[2] The Office Set Up

The desk chair can be a seriously under appreciated piece of office equipment unless you are forced to leave it behind.  Intelligent Office allow you to enjoy desk chairs [with wheels and back support!] as well as enough desk room to spread out all of your computer equipment, paperwork, and work utensils.  At Intelligent Office once you stake out a spot on a desk or in an office space, you're welcome to leave your things there overnight so that you can pick up right where you left off in the morning.  

[3] Networking Without Trying

Your could drag yourself to after-work networking events, speakers, and conferences... OR you can meet dozens of people with interesting projects by simply working alongside them during the day.  Our receptionist are responsible for knowing everybody's business and making introductions between people who might be able to help each other.  

[4] The Water Cooler Community 

 After overhearing a discussion about an exceptional sandwich place in the Silverado Park Place Plaza, I asked those in discussion where it was.  Instead of relating the cross-streets, I was invited to lunch with them.  I not only had the scoop on the best lunch spots in the area, but somebody to eat with!  I found similar sanity-preserving chit-chat happening around communal coffee troughs and printers.  Quite enjoyable! 

[5] Legitimate Meeting Space

Although you might be comfortable working from your tiny apartment kitchen,  it's hardly a place that you would like to invite clients.  Belonging to a co-working space often includes access to conference rooms, which can lend some credibility to your business meetings.  The Intelligent Office has conference rooms that seat as much as 12 people around a table.  Try pulling that off in your kitchen.  

[6] Intelligent Office will take care of your business... whatever your business may be.  

You may be the sole employee of your company, but with Intelligent Office Nevada co-working spaces you can still enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by people who are doing similar work.  Our work spaces are for just about EVERYONE!  Intelligent Office will cater to just about every niche; real estate agents, architects, plumbers, home inspectors, certified public accountants, urban planners, web designers, handymen, attorneys, and many more!

Dec 5 2014
Little Receptionist
Dec 4 2014
Small Business Checklist
Nov 25 2014
Suggestions from the NV Small Business Development Center

These are the suggested steps along with a listing and a brief description of each of the forms and filings necessary for business operations in Southern Nevada.

Click Here for more information -- >NSBDC Business Operations 

Nov 24 2014
Intelligent Office is on Twitter!

Follow Intelligent Tweets on Twitter : IOfficeNV


Nov 17 2014
Commercial Mail Receiving Agency

A commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA), also known as a mail drop, typically operates as a Private Mail Box Operator.

A customer of a CMRA can receive mail and other deliveries at the street address of the CMRA rather than the customer's own street address. Depending on the agreement between the customer and the CMRA, the CMRA canforward the mail to the customer or hold it for pickup.

Unlike a post office box, a CMRA operates independently of the national postal administration and is therefore able to receive courier packages or other non-mail. CMRAs typically provide ancillary services such as facsimile, copy or courier.

A customer may wish to use the services of a CMRA for privacy; for example, a person running a home-based business may not wish to disclose his or her residential address. A customer in one community may contract with a CMRA in another community with a better known or more prestigious address. A business located near an international border may use a CMRA as a point of local presence to receive cross-border freight or correspondence at domestic (instead of international) rates.

The use of a CMRA may render the delivery of mail at a later time of day than it would at a Post Office box. Some CMRAs offer an online post office, providing a means to access mail over the internet.

Nov 17 2014
Application to Act as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency

1583a Form

In registering with the Postal Service to act as an agency to receive delivery of mail of others, the agent agrees to the following: (1) the Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) must have on file a Form 1583,

Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, for each addressee or firm receiving mail at the agency; (2) a CMRA must represent its delivery address as a private mailbox; (3) the CMRA is not authorized to accept Registered Mail from their clients formailing, the Post Office is the only acceptable mailing point; (4) the CMRA must be in full compliance with Domestic

Mail Manual (DMM) 508.1.8.1 through 508.1.8.4 and other applicable postal requirements to receive delivery of mail from the Postal Service; and (5) when any information required on this form changes, the CMRA owner or manager must file a revised application with the postmaster.

NOTE: The CMRA owner or manager must execute this form in duplicate in the presence of the postmaster or designee. The CMRA owner or manager retains the signed duplicate copy and signs in this space

Jan 20 2009
Two Ways to Profit
There are two ways to increase profits in business.

Of course the first is to increase your sales. In the current market, that is a greater challenge than ever.

The second method is to cut your costs! The less you spend, the more you can profit. The current market is an excellent time to reevaluate ever dollar your organization spends.

Intelligent Office is a solution. By outsourcing your administrative staff to us, you will save thousands in both payroll and taxes -- this as true for small businesses as it is for large corporations. We will answer your phones, screen and assist the callers and, connect and announce the callers to any and all members of your organization. We will do this better and more reliably than your current employees, and we cost far less.

Intelligent Office can also assist with order taking, paperwork processing, customer service, sales support, and countless other duties that you pay too much for now.

So, cut your costs, increase your profits...with Intelligent Office.
Nov 10 2008
From Tinseltown to Your Town

In 1954, a movie was released by MGM entitled “Executive Suite”. It was a character drama about a young engineer named Don Walling who wasn't certain whether he wanted to be company executive. With initial reservation, he took the reins, poured himself into the business and built great success and fulfillment for himself and the company!

This isn't just a Hollywood story; it is a story of putting your heart and mind to work for your business; for your future!

Today, we expect the term 'Executive Suite' to bring to mind visions of professional grade offices beautifully furnished and ready for you -- and we expect the term 'Intelligent Office' to conjure thoughts of so much more...

An Intelligent Office brings out the professional side of your business while remaining affordable. Let Intelligent Office help put the heart and mind to work for your business so you can focus on the future!
Oct 20 2008
Why Did Man Invent Daytime TV?

To delay your success!

Aren't you tired of working from home and getting distracted by non-work tasks like your adorable kids or those captivating soap operas? Do you feel that there is no solution to your day time television crisis? Make an intelligent decision for your business and choose an Intelligent Office. We offer live, professional reception services, 24 hour access to a beautiful facility, and locations throughout North America. Intelligent Office is the answer to your home-based business worries.

Why choose Intelligent Office? The reasons are simple. There are no up-front capital investments, you are able to easily manage your cash flow, you only pay for what you need, we offer flexible short-term leases, and you have full use of Intelligent Office amenities at all of our locations.

So, put an end to those day time television woes and make an intelligent decision for your home-based business today!!
Sep 30 2008
A Bill That Makes You Smile!

When is the last time you paid a bill and were thrilled? What about the last time you felt like you were getting so much more than you were paying for that it made you smile when you paid?

It is good policy to save money whenever possible...but, this shouldn't mean costing yourself the luxuries afforded by quality.

At Intelligent Office of Henderson, our clients have it all. They have a tremendous service, fantastic staff, an impeccable office, and a multi-million dollar corporate identity. More than this -- they have that priceless feeling every month when they see their bill and that smile creeps in.

Get More. Spend Less. Be thrilled.

You can have this too. Intelligent Office.
Aug 25 2008
Virtual or Essential?

What is a mainstream office concept?

Is it a place? A fancy desk? Powerful technology at your fingertips? A gorgeous building with a prestigious address?

Maybe it is a staff...highly trained professionals focused on the satisfaction of your customers. Why choose? Why get part of what you want? Your customers expect it all, and you can have it all.

Our clients have discovered a way to work smarter. They spend less and do more. This is an age of reform, and we are on the cutting edge. The old ways don't work...but the new era already has a solution. Come find out more, at Intelligent Office.

Intelligent Office isn't virtually a solution, it is the essential solution. You need this.