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Executive and Virtual Offices

Wikipedia is a great source for a definition of a Virtual Office vs an Executive Suite.  However, service level, features, and amenities vary greatly for both.  It all comes down to the who, more than the where.

With Intelligent Office Las Vegas Henderson, you don't have to choose!  Our Virtual Office, or what we call an "Intelligent Office", provides to you and your business all of the same great features and amenities you'd expect from a traditional Executive Office or Executive Suite, but at a fraction of the usual cost.

Many business centers that claim to provide both Virtual Offices and Executive Suites are often short changing their out-of-office or "virtual" customers.  These shared-office users are typically held to a second-tier system.  The Virtual customers cannot have 24/7 access to the facility, cannot have a locked-private mail box, cannot use many of the features available to the dedicated office clients, and are otherwise limited by the business center.

At Intelligent Office Las Vegas Henderson, we don't consider you a "virtual" client, we consider you an Intelligent customer!  You have access to all of the same great features and benefits as our dedicated office clients.  We don't limit your time in our offices or conference rooms, we don't stop you from using an office at 3am on a Tuesday if that's what you need...and we certainly don't risk the security of your mail to an open-to-the-world cubby-hole style mail drop!

When you do need an office, you get to use the same great, beautifully furnished, professionally appointed Executive Offices that our dedicated office tenants secure on a full-time basis.  These first-class offices have windows, and the same Class-A, solid maple wood, Herman Miller furniture as our Executive Suites.  You are a first-class tenant, and you deserve a first-class office for your meetings too.

So, the at Intelligent Office Las Vegas Henderson, we blur the lines between an Executive Suite and a Virtual Office.  You don't have to decide whether you want to have all the features of a great office, or just a few.  You don't have to choose between being a VIP customer or a second tier client -- you only have to decide whether it makes the most sense for your business to work in-the-office most of the time, or just some of the time.

It's just one of the many truly unique things that makes Intelligent Office Las Vegas Henderson the clear choice in both Executive Suites and Virtual Offices!

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