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Dedicated Office Space

Private and productive office space

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Hourly Offices & Meetings Rooms

Private offices and meeting rooms on-demand

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Custom Call Answering

Every call answered. An extension of your team

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Executive Assistants

Someone you can count on for your administrative needs

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Virtual Business Address

Send and receive mail in prestigious office locations

Phone Answering Service in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When a prospect or customer calls, let someone else answer the phones. Now you have more time to focus on your most important business tasks.

When a prospect or customer calls, let someone else answer the phones. Now you have more time to focus on your most important business tasks.

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Custom Phone Answering for Your Business

Spend less time handling the phones and more time taking care of business. Our Intelligent Assistants are here to take care of your customers the way you do.

Our phone solutions range from basic business phone service to full customer support - answered live. We specialize in designing the package that is perfect for your business needs and your budget.

  • Business Phone Number with Custom Call Flows
  • Live Answer Reception Packages
  • Intelligent Assistant – Full Customer Support
  • Intake, Scheduling, Customer Service

Our Intelligent Assistants are more than virtual receptionists they get to know your business and your clients. We’re local, professional and an extension of your team. Let’s build a solution for you today.

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Business Professionals Signing Docments and Working Shadow of Business Professionals Signing Docments and Working

Intelligent Office: A better way to run and grow your business.

What makes phone answering services so useful?

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Every Call Answered

Ever missed a call from a current or potential client? Well, those days are over. When calls are always answered you’ll make more sales and boost customer satisfaction, every single day.

Human Professional Service

The Human Element

No one wants to Press 1 for Support, and your customers definitely don’t want to speak with a robot. With Intelligent Office your clients can speak to a live person, right away.

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Save Time (and Money) on Staffing

Hiring a dedicated receptionist is expensive and time consuming. With our answering services you know you’re working with a competent and reliable professional.

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Go Where Your Business Takes You

With a virtual receptionist there’s no need for you to be tethered to your office or your cell phone. Now you can do more business, better.

Whatever your needs, Intelligent Office has a solution. Because our phone answering services are fully customizable, you can get the support you need on a full-time or part-time basis.

How will Phone Answering Services help my business?

Here is a short list of just some of the things Phone Answering Service can do.

  • Professional Virtual Receptionist
  • Live Phone Answering
  • Answer All Calls
  • Custom Greeting
  • Call Screening
  • Route Your Calls as Specified
  • Flexible Call Handling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Trustworthy Competence
  • Friendly Professionalism
  • Full or Part-Time Options
  • Fully Customizable

Business solutions on-demand

Professional Service Providers

Professional service providers face unique challenges. Whether you need confidential pick-up and drop-off services for tax documents, a reliable appointment scheduler, or executive office space that elevates your professionalism, we have a solution for you.

Executive Office Meeting with Professionalism

Trade Service Providers

Regardless of your trade, you too can benefit from virtual office space and virtual office solutions. You’ll never miss an opportunity to take a customer’s contact information down for a quote, and scheduling will be a breeze.

Mechanic Working under a Car in a Shop

Medical Service Providers

Owning a medical-based business presents unique challenges, but a virtual office can help you tackle those issues with ease. Whether you’d like to streamline your client service, focus on client retention, or something else entirely, we can help.

Doctor Meeting with Patient

Additional Virtual Office Services

Virtual Assistant Icon

Virtual Assistant

Finding and hiring the perfect person to help you grow your business is expensive, time-consuming, and often frustrating. A virtual assistant can provide the business support you’ve been looking for.

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Virtual Address Icon

Virtual Address

Using a virtual business address gives you more than a sterling image, though. You also know that documents and other deliveries will always be received. You’ll never have to worry about missing important pieces of mail, because our professional staff can take care of any handling or forwarding needs that you have when you choose Intelligent Office.

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Shared Office Icon

Shared Office

If dedicated office space isn't in your budget there are still plenty of options. Shared office spaces offer a flexible way for you to stay productive, whenever you need the space.

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What is a Phone Answering Service?

Virtual services encompass a variety of different administrative and business development services that are designed to help you run and grow your business. Simply put, Intelligent Office’s virtual office services and solutions are an indispensable resource for the modern business owner.

Virtual services, like phone answering, bring big-business infrastructure to all businesses, regardless of size. With on-demand office services you don’t have to worry about hiring additional employees, because we make utilizing their expertise easy and straightforward.

The on-boarding process is easy, too. We get to know you, your business, and your clients so you receive top-notch assistance that makes your life easier, not harder. We see ourselves as an indispensable extension of your team.

You need head space, and we provide just that. If you need office space, we’ve got you covered there, too.