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Virtual Assistants Perfect for Service Professionals?

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Virtual Assistants Perfect for Service Professionals?

The service industry is one of the most ideal fits for our virtual assistant services. Service industry business owners are often required to be working hard at the job site, limiting their ability to effectively manage administrative tasks. For business owners who don’t have the resources to hire a full-time assistant, this presents a massive problem. How do they balance managing their business while delivering exemplary service to their customers on a day-to-day basis? That’s where a virtual executive assistant comes in.

The Task at Hand

A professional tradesperson takes pride in their work and delivers a high-quality product that requires focus and precision. Answering phone calls, managing appointments, and directing employee teams can be distracting and counterproductive. A virtual assistant is capable of answering every incoming call, monitoring and responding to email and chat, scheduling appointments, managing business teams, and more. A virtual assistant exceeds a prospect’s expecations at the first point of contact, turning the prospect quickly into a customer. This allows business owners to focus on the task at hand – providing the best possible product for their paying customers and never missing a call, chat or email during business hours.

Customer Relations

Our virtual assistant services are not automated machines or outsourced call centers. They are live, local members of your community who are professionally trained and familiarized with your business. They are a true member of your team, and as a team member, invested in your business success. That means handling prospects and customers in a professional manner, building relationships, and ultimately serving as the reliable first point of contact for your business. With a virtual assistant, you can be sure your business is well-represented at all times, which will attract more customers and create additional revenue.

Save Money

Perhaps the most practical benefit of a virtual executive assistant is the money saved. Virtual assistant services from Intelligent Office provide all of the services of a full-time employee at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about the costs associated with full-time benefits, vacation time, or sick days. Our assistants are always available when needed.

Many service businesses are in need of office space for their executive assistants, but rising rent makes signing a lease a questionable investment. With a virtual assistant, you can forget about making those excessive rent payments every month. Instead, use our local office space to meet with clients; where you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Stop trying to answer every call, return every email, and direct every team. A virtual executive assistant from Intelligent Office can take care of it all while capturing new business at an affordable price based on your budget and business needs. Find an Intelligent Office location in your area today!

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