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Why are Virtual Assistants Perfect for Property Managers?

Get the expert help you need, whenever you need it — no headaches or hassles included

Why are Virtual Assistants Perfect for Property Managers?

Property management businesses require business solutions tailored to their unique business operations. Intelligent Office’s virtual assistant services are a perfect option for property management businesses because of their versatility and productivity. Here’s how a property management virtual assistant can help keep things running smoothly.

Virtual assistants can answer phones while property management assists tenants. Property management businesses are inundated with service requests from tenants. These requests are often for maintenance and may require that management visit the affected unit.

If this takes management away from the office, virtual assistants can serve as reliable first points of contact for incoming calls. As you tend to more urgent matters, you can rest easy knowing that a virtual assistant is professionally handling calls and recording all the important information.

Virtual assistants build valuable professional relationships with tenants and prospects. Communication between management and tenants or prospects can suffer due to the hectic nature of the business. Virtual assistants from Intelligent Office are especially equipped to fix this common issue.

They are local members of your community who go through an extensive orientation in order to become a true extension of your team. This allows them to get to know your tenants and business, so they can provide the level of service required to maintain and even expand your business.

Virtual office services provide a professional setting for rent payments and lease signings. When people are looking for a place to live, one of the most important factors in their search is always security. They want to know that their new residence is secure, reliable, and safe. Property management businesses should reflect those qualities in their day-to-day operations, including providing comfortable and professional settings during formal business matters.

Tenants should be comfortable that when their rent payment is dropped off, it’s officially recorded and properly handled. And when prospects are considering signing a lease, an office setting in a Class A building can go a long way in securing their business. Virtual office services, including virtual assistants, project an image that builds trust.

Sophisticated virtual offices can appropriately route phones during after-hours emergencies. One of the most unique aspects of property management is the 24-hour responsibility to units, and of course, tenants. For many businesses, an after-hours emergency is a disastrous proposition. Failure to properly respond to an emergency can put tenants and business in jeopardy.

Intelligent Office’s on-demand virtual assistant services offer reliable security for property owners and tenants. Our virtual assistants are trained members of your team who are familiar with your business’s emergency protocol.

We’re confident that a property management virtual assistant can help your business run more efficiently and even promote the growth of your business. If you have more questions about our services, contact the local office near you!

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