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Hourly Offices & Meetings Rooms

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Why should I choose a Virtual Office?

Get the expert help you need, whenever you need it — no headaches or hassles included

Why should I choose a Virtual Office?

We’re all familiar with the traditional office, and the familiar can be comforting. But the best business decisions don’t come from comfort. The best decisions often come from stepping outside of your comfort zone.

For some business owners, the idea of a virtual office can be confusing or cause apprehension. We’re here to put your mind at ease and show you exactly why choosing a virtual office is the best decision for your business.

Why should I choose a virtual office?

You should choose a virtual office because it will help expand your business.

The best virtual office services provide more than just room to operate. A virtual office provides the infrastructure and internal support to grow your business. Our highly-trained staff is prepared not only to answer calls to your business, but build valuable relationships with existing and potential clients. As our virtual assistants take care of administrative tasks, you can focus on providing the high-quality strategy and service that your customers expect.  

You should choose a virtual office for its premium location and address.

It’s getting more difficult for small and developing businesses to traditional office space as commercial real estate rates continue to spike. This often forces businesses to less desirable locations that can limit exposure and damage credibility. A virtual office provides access to sought-after office locations in your area without the long-term commitment of commercial leases or the high costs that come with them.

You should choose a virtual office because its services are customized for your business and budget.

Intelligent Office provides the services you need to accomplish your business goals. Whether it’s phone answering, office space, a virtual address, or more, we work with you to customize our services to your business, including training our local virtual assistants on your specific operations. All virtual office services are on-demand, which means you only pay for what you need when you need it.

You should choose a virtual office because it enhances your professional image.

Many business owners are reluctant to use their home address as their business address, and for good reason. In addition to a lack of security, using a home address can damage business credibility and prevent credit approval from financial institutions. A virtual office provides business owners with a prestigious address as well as a professional setting to host existing and potential clients.

You should choose a virtual office for peace of mind.  

Our team of virtual assistants prides itself on providing professional service that every business owner can trust. When a prospect or client calls, you can be sure that it will be handled with care and professionalism by someone with intimate knowledge of the area’s geography. That’s because our assistants are local members of the community and a true extension of your team. We take care of the daily rigors of running a business, so you have freedom to be the boss.

You should choose Intelligent Office and the best virtual office services on the market. Get a quote for services in your area now!

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