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What to Expect in a Virtual Office Environment?

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What to Expect in a Virtual Office Environment?

Our clients often wonder what type of virtual office environment they’ll will be walking into when they opt to use our virtual office services. Some virtual office providers are nothing more than a few empty desks and a Wi-Fi password, but Intelligent Office locations pride themselves on providing a premium office experience where professionals can thrive. Here’s what to expect.

Intelligent Office is friendly. As you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by our staff – a consistent, welcoming presence that always makes clients and guests comfortable. You’re offered coffee, tea, or water, while guests are welcome to wait in a furnished waiting room. Intelligent Office locations are warm and inclusive – not stuffy and sterile.

Intelligent Office is professional. Perhaps most of all, Intelligent Office is a professional environment. That starts with the location. Intelligent Office locations are in the best neighborhoods and buildings in their market. The office itself is tastefully designed with modern furniture and décor – a setting where you wouldn’t hesitate to host.

The office environment is also practical, outfitted with the latest business technology and equipment. From copiers and printers to video conferencing software and more, the only thing you’ll need to bring is your laptop. Intelligent Office isn’t a temporary space, but instead a home to grow your business.

Intelligent Office is secure. Every Intelligent Office is located in a Class A building, which indicates first-class building security. In addition to that, Intelligent Office building suites are protected by at least four motion-sensor cameras that record 24 hours a day. All mailboxes are lit 24 hours a day, and access cards are only granted to staff and clients.

Intelligent Office is collaborative. Shared offices and coworking spaces are great resources for clients who prefer an open working environment. These arrangements allow for networking opportunities with like-minded peers. This can lead to new business opportunities, business partners, fresh ideas, and even friends.

Intelligent Office is consistent. Virtual office companies can vary widely from one location to the next. But the Intelligent Office network is dedicated to providing a consistent experience no matter where your office is located. When traveling for business, you can be sure that the Intelligent Office that you walk into is held to the same high standards as the Intelligent Office in your neighborhood.

Intelligent Office is local. With more than 60 locations across the United States and Canada, the Intelligent Office network has considerable reach. But every Intelligent Office location is staffed with employees from your cities and neighborhoods, and those employees bring their local touch to your business. Our virtual receptionists and assistants aren’t answering phones in a different time zone – they’re right there at your local office – trained to become a true extension of your team.

If you have any questions about our virtual office environment, we’re happy to talk. Contact the Intelligent Office location in your neighborhood today!

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