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What Tasks are Virtual Assistants Capable Of?

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What Tasks are Virtual Assistants Capable Of?

Our virtual assistants, known as Intelligent Assistants, are an invaluable resource for small and developing businesses. Their service is part of what separates Intelligent Office from a typical virtual office service. But not everyone is familiar with the full capabilities of an Intelligent Assistant. Let’s take a look at a few virtual assistant tasks that you can expect them to deliver with first-class professionalism.

The task most commonly associated with virtual assistants is phone answering, but virtual assistants are capable of far more than just answering the phone. When they interact with your customers, they’re dedicated to connecting with the person on the other end of the line.

Intelligent Assistants are local extensions of your team. They’re trained to not only handle administrative tasks, including scheduling and confirming appointments, taking orders, and answering client inquiries, but also build valuable relationships with prospects and clients during all of these interactions. These relationships can help build business credibility and even contribute to business growth.

Our virtual assistants are seasoned professionals that actively seek out opportunities to help your business. Here are a few more virtual assistant tasks that many business owners are surprised to hear are available.

Coordinate Mailings: Direct mail is still an effective marketing strategy, but it must be executed with precision. An Intelligent Assistant can help gather mailing lists, write copy, design, and edit for a direct mail campaign that will attract leads. Once the mail has been sent, they can also follow up with calls to potential customers on the mailing list.

Manage Social Media: Managing social media accounts can be difficult given the day-to-day grind of owning a business. Intelligent Assistants are savvy social media users who understand the ins and outs of all of your social media accounts. Let them give their full attention to communicating with customers, promoting sales, and sharing information, so you can give your full attention to operating a business.

Meeting Preparation: You take a lot of meetings, and after a while, they all can start to run together. To make sure you stay sharp, a virtual assistant can prepare meeting notes, presentations, and conference room technology. When you walk into an important meeting, you know that you’ll be at your best.

Travel Coordination: Traveling for business is stressful, and mistakes when coordinating accommodations can cost you time and money. A virtual assistant takes that stress off the table. Your assistant knows your schedule better than anyone, and that knowledge means they’ll have your flights, rental cars, and lodging locked in from the get-go.

The truth is that an Intelligent Assistant is capable of nearly any virtual assistant task that’s asked of them, and you can expect every task to be handled with a proactive mindset and strict professionalism. Contact an Intelligent Office location in your area to see how an Intelligent Assistant can help your business!

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