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What Are Other Virtual Office Solutions?

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What Are Other Virtual Office Solutions?

Intelligent Office is known for its diverse offering of virtual office solutions, but did you know you can use Intelligent Office to schedule appointments? Or secure your own business address? There’s a whole host of virtual office services available that you might not be aware of. Here are a few more examples of overlooked virtual office solutions that can help your business today.

Client Greetings: Our offices feature professional environments that include waiting room furniture as well as a welcoming and helpful staff. You can be sure that when clients or potential clients visit an Intelligent Office location, they will be treated with respect and care. This can go a long way in creating or maintaining your business’ professional image while also gathering information on the wants and needs of existing and prospective clients.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Operating a business is time-consuming, and administrative tasks can seem tedious when looking at the big picture. A virtual assistant is fully capable of handling these types of tasks, including drop-off and pick-up of confidential documents. This service maintains security while affording business owners and clients the flexibility to stay on their personal schedules.

Customer Intake: Attracting potential clients is a part of the process, but closing sales is the name of the game. Virtual assistant services help bridge the gap between those two moments – making a strong first impression while maintaining effective communication with prospects in order to build trust and strengthen relationships. You might not be able to answer every prospect’s question, but our team of well-trained assistants can.

Notary: Legal paperwork is an unfortunate necessity for every business, but as licensed notary publics, our Intelligent Assistants are qualified to draft and certify contracts as needed. 

Forward Mail: A virtual address not only lends credibility to your business, it also provides access to a private mailbox, 24 hours a day. You can even have your business mail forwarded to you on-demand or according to a schedule.

Lobby Listing: One of the most overlooked aspects of a virtual office is the authority that comes with having your business listed on the office lobby. This presents a professional image to clients and guests, but it’s also important for verifying your business in online listings. This boosts your online presence and has the potential to increase leads and sales.

Package Security: Businesses often need expensive or information-sensitive packages to be delivered. For home-based businesses, front porch delivery can be a risky proposition. With a virtual office, you can be sure your packages are safe and secure in our offices.

Those are just a few of the under-the-radar virtual office solutions available through Intelligent Office. If you have a specific business need that wasn’t addressed, there’s a good chance we can take care of that too. For more questions, contact the Intelligent Office location near you.  


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