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Hourly Offices & Meetings Rooms

Private offices and meeting rooms on-demand

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Custom Call Answering

Every call answered. An extension of your team

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Virtual Business Address

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What is a Virtual Office Membership?

Get the expert help you need, whenever you need it — no headaches or hassles included

What is a Virtual Office Membership?

Virtual office services vary widely in their quality. Where some are disconnected pop-up shops, Intelligent Office strives to deliver a consistent, professional experience at every location across the country. It’s why we consider the businesses we work with to be members. When you’re a member at one Intelligent Office, you’re a member at every Intelligent Office. What does that mean exactly? Let’s take a look.

Premium Pricing

Intelligent Office offers a variety of virtual office services. From basic office space to virtual assistants, you can select the services that are the right fit for you or your business. You only pay for the services that you need, and you’re free to drop or pick up any of our services at any time. While some these services are ongoing, other services, such as meeting rooms, are one-time purchases. As a member of Intelligent Office, you receive premium pricing on these one-time purchases as well as added services. You can mix and match services until you find the best value.

Professional Environment

Not every Intelligent Office location looks exactly alike, but no matter the aesthetics, the high standard of service is consistent throughout the network. That means when you walk into any of the 60+ locations across the country, you can be sure that you:

  • Have access to a Class A building
  • Will be welcomed by a professional staff
  • Have access to modern business equipment
  • Will be comfortable hosting clients and prospects

The Intelligent Office experience is consistent and reliable. Not only does that familiarity mean that you can work efficiently, but it also limits stress if you’re in an unfamiliar city. 

Expanded Possibilities

A virtual office membership with Intelligent Office gives your business the practical tools for business growth. Office space, virtual assistant services, phone answering, executive offices, and more – all provide big-business infrastructure for developing businesses. But a virtual office membership is more than practical – it’s aspirational.

That’s because the network of Intelligent Office locations provides a launching pad for expanding your business. From San Fracisco to Jacksonville and even into Canada, the Intelligent Office network is open for you to set up shop. Whether you simply need a business address in a new city, or you’re looking to manage a remote team, Intelligent Office offers a modern solution for taking your business to the next level.

If you’re interested in how a virutal office membership with Intelligent Office can benefit your business, contact any of our locations today!

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