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Are Virtual Offices Safe?

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Are Virtual Offices Safe?

Virtual office services are becoming a popular resource for all types of businesses, but one common concern connects all of them: safety. It comes in many forms depending on your business and the virtual office services you employ. So how does a virtual office keep you and your business safe? There are a couple of ways.

Data Security

When we discuss virtual office safety, it’s usually in terms of data security. In an advanced technological age, many businesses are concerned, but not aware of their vulnerabilities and the consequences of a data breach. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 62 percent of cyber attacks target small- and mid-sized businesses, and 60 percent of small- and mid-sized businesses that are hacked go out of business within six months.

That’s why we take data security seriously at Intelligent Office. When you use office space or coworking space at one of our locations, you can be sure that our private network is secure and actively monitored.

Virtual office services offer a technical advantage over public workspaces like your local coffee shop, but they also offer a human advantage. Virtual assistants are highly-trained professionals who are true proactive members of your business team. Whether it’s handling business mail or confidential records, a virtual assistant can be trusted to professionally manage your information.  

Data security is especially important for businesses like law firms and health care companies that store sensitive information. Federal regulations mandate that businesses with such information take precautions to protect it. Failure to do so can lead to fines in the millions. If you’re not investing in security through technology or a secure workspace, you’re putting your livelihood at risk.

Home Privacy

For business owners who work out of their home, a virtual address can lend credibility to their business – projecting a professional image that also helps secure financial backing. But more than that, a virtual address keeps a business owner’s home address out of the public eye.

For many business owners, a virtual address is a practical solution that keeps professional and personal lives separate. For others, it’s a safety precaution to protect them and their families. Either way, virtual office services provide peace of mind.  

Intelligent Office is prepared to keep you and your business secure. With our highly-trained staff, internal cybersecurity technology, and a wealth of experience, we offer a professional busines solution for a serious business problem. If you have any questions about virtual office security, we are happy to help. Contact an Intelligent Office location near you to further discuss virtual office safety.

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