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Are Virtual Offices a Good Fit for Nonprofits?

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Are Virtual Offices a Good Fit for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit organizations are unique in that any profits are designated for reinvestment in the organization’s cause. This model creates a long list of challenges, and nonprofits must have a creative approach for sustainable success.

A virtual office presents a perfect opportunity for nonprofits to tackle those challenges by cutting overhead costs, increasing operational efficiency, and making a bigger impact on their chosen mission. Here’s how a virtual office is a perfect fit for your organization.

Lower Costs

The most significant challenge that nonprofits face is a lack of funding, and they must maintain disciplined budgets to account for this challenge. Rising commerical office leasing rates have left them with limited choices for nonprofit office space. A virtual office provides organizations a cost-effective solution without sacrificing location, capabilities, or reputation.

Intelligent Office offers professional office space with modern amenities, including a Class A building, tasteful reception and lobby area, premium telecommunications systems, meeting rooms, and more. And perhaps most importantly for nonprofits, Intelligent Office services are on-demand, which means you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Organizational Infrastructure

It’s a common misconception that all nonprofit employees are volunteers. Most nonprofit organizations hire full-time employees, but strained resources and even federal regulations limit how much and how many employees are paid. This puts tremendous stress on the infrastructure of a nonprofit organization, forcing individuals to fill multiple roles.

Intelligent Office offers virtual assistant services that provide professional, reliable assistance without the costs and scrutiny of hiring a full-time employee. Our virtual assistants are capable of answering calls, managing schedules, and connecting donors and clients with the appropriate contact at your organization.

Boost Professional Image

There are plenty of myths and skepticism surrounding nonprofits, and the perception of many organizations operating in good faith suffers from the misdeeds of a few bad apples.

Working with Intelligent Office is a savvy way of combating this unfortunate perception. Organizations can build trust with potential donors or clients by inviting them to face-to-face meetings in a reserved meeting room or office suite. Our professional spaces and staff will help alleviate any fears they may have, and you can show them that your organization is a reliable outfit that’s invested in making a positive impact.

Get In the Action

Nonprofit employees and volunteers are usually drawn to the field out of a sense of duty. That duty usually includes getting out of the office and into the action, where they can help people directly.

Intelligent Office services give organizational leaders the opportunity to get off the phone and reconnect with their original inspiration. Our phone answering professionals are not randomly assigned placeholders. They are trained extensions of your team that you can rely on while you get back to the work you truly care for.

For more information on how Intelligent Office can help with nonprofit office space, contact an Intelligent Office location near you.

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