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What are the Costs of Virtual Office Services?

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What are the Costs of Virtual Office Services?

Q: What are the costs of virtual office services?

A: The cost of virtual office services is dependent on your location, the services you require, and the length of agreement. We’ll provide context below.

We provide all of the elements of a traditional office at a fraction of the cost. Here’s a list of a few of our services and how they can help you save on costs.

Office Space: Securing private office space in a desirable location often requires a long-term commitment at a premium price. The simplest part of Intelligent Office services is the office space itself. Whether you want coworking space, meeting rooms, or shared offices, the cost of Intelligent Office services will come at a significantly lower price than signing a lease. Intelligent Office allows you to rent space as needed, saving you the headaches and expensive obligation of a long-term agreement. (But if you do truly need executive offices, we’ve got those too.)

Virtual Assistant Services: One of our most versatile business solutions, the Intelligent Office Virtual Assistant provides mutliple layers of service. Virtual assistants are live, trained members of your team who perform all of the duties of a full-time receptionist, including answering incoming calls, scheduling, customer intake, order processing, and any other relevant administration responsibilities.

Not only is a virtual assistant a valuable part of developing your business, they require significant less investment than a full-time employee. A virtual assistant does not require full-time pay, benefits, sick days, or vacation time. When all is said and done, a virtual assistant may be employed for $1-2 per hour compared to a full-time employee at $15-25 per hour.   

Phone Answering: Virtual Office phone answering services serve as a reliable first point of contact for your business. Prospects choose the business that meets their expectations, every time. A live, local team member answers all incoming calls, ensuring all potential clients and existing customers avoid answering machines and receive professional communication. This saves time for business owners and allows them to focus on the strategic tasks needed to take their business to the next level, all while capturing new business. As with the virtual assistant, the phone answering service comes at a substantially more affordable rate than a full-time employee.

Virtual Address: Many businesses use a virtual business address to project a professional image, secure credit for business investment, and boost their credibility in the eyes of consumers. A virtual address is a savvy solution for business owners who want all of the advantages of a physical address, but don’t want the expensive price tag that comes with leasing an office. A virtual address provides a physical location for your business communications, including mail, reception staff, answering services, and more.

Intelligent Offices offers on-demand services that are customized for your budget and business needs. This is the most important idea to remember about virtual office costs. Our virtual offices services are designed to meet specific needs. If you need a full-service office, we’re fully capable of providing all of those services. But if you need anything from a business address to an on-demand employee, we can make that happen too. To find out the virtual office costs associated with your business needs, visit an Intelligent Office near you now!

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