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Planning an Office Move? Virtual Office!

Mention the moving process, and you’re sure to hear a chorus of grumbles and groans. Relocating isn’t pleasant for anyone and that includes businesses. Whether you’re a small and developing business or an established player, a virtual office can help ease the pain of planning an office move. Here are a few ways that a virtual office can turn relocation into a business opportunity.

Before the move: Finding a new business location is an important decision that takes time and research. There’s no better research than taking an extended trip to a potential location to see what it’s all about. While you visit, it’s important to find a professional, reliable office environment where you can get work done. A virtual office provides office space equipped with all of the modern amenities and equipment required for day-to-day success.

An Intelligent Office location also puts you right in the middle of the action. Our offices are located in the best neighborhoods in the city, giving you a feel for the area as well as ideas for relocation. And with more than 60 locations across the country and Canada, the Intelligent Office network is likely to be in one of your prospective cities.

During the move: You’ve done the research, and now it’s time to load the boxes, order the trucks, and hit the road. While you’ve secured a new office space, moving in is going to take some time. Before you’re ready to welcome employees to a new location, you need to set up a temporary space for them to operate.

A virtual office is an ideal solution for a couple of reasons. First, a virtual office is a professional environment. Your employees will have the modern tools to operate, and you can feel confident in hosting client or prospect meetings.

Second, at Intelligent Office, our services are on-demand. That means you only pay for the services you need. This setup is especially favorable for businesses on the move. 

After the move: You’re now familiar with the inner workings of a virtual office. While you love your new office, the on-demand services of Intelligent Office offered a more complete and efficient business solution. As you scout your next business location, you’re now equipped to turn an office move into a business opportunity.

If you’re not ready to uproot your business, you might want to take advantage of a virtual address. A virtual address gives your business a prestigious address and allows you to start building your professional image and establishing your local business footprint.

If you’re ready to move from your current location, or you want to establish a regional office, a virtual office allows your team to move without committing to a long-term lease.

No matter what stage you’re at when planning an office move, a virtual office can ease the transition. Let us know how we can help. Get a quote today!

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