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How is Intelligent Office the Ideal CPA Virtual Office?

Get the expert help you need, whenever you need it — no headaches or hassles included

How is Intelligent Office the Ideal CPA Virtual Office?

Individual CPAs, as well as CPAs working for accounting firms, can take full advantage of a virtual office setup. Here’s how Intelligent Office is perfectly suited for a CPA on-demand office this tax season and beyond.

Intelligent Office provides a practical, professional space for CPAs. First and foremost, Intelligent Office provides physical office space in a great location at a fair price; CPAs only would pay for the space and time they actually use. Commercial leases often require long-term commitments at steep prices, but a virtual office delivers a flexible solution for savvy CPAs who know what they’re looking for.

Our locations are equipped with all of the modern tools required for business operations. From office furniture to premium telecommunications service and more, Intelligent Office provides the resources for CPAs to host customer meetings and manage workloads – all while reinforcing your professional image to customers and prospects.

Intelligent Office gives CPAs the flexibility needed for an unbalanced schedule. Tax season, which traditionally runs from January through April, creates a hectic schedule for CPAs. For many CPAs, such a schedule requires additional resources, including office space and assistants. Intelligent Office’s services are on-demand, which means you only pay for the services you need, when you need them. When tax season rolls around, you know you’ll be more than prepared with Intelligent Office.

Intelligent Assistants are experienced in the tax and finance industry. Our virtual assistants, known as Intelligent Assistants, are ideal fits for tax season. As any CPA can attest to, January through April can become a blur of calls, emails, meetings, documents, and messages. As a trained member of your team, a virtual assistant is capable of managing all of these details, with special focus on taking over the answering of your phone line to ensure your practice is meeting a potential new prospect’s expectations, every time. With extensive experience in the tax and finance industry, an Intelligent Assistant gives CPAs peace of mind as well as time to focus on providing service to clients, knowing that new customers are being captured on that first point of contact, be it a phone call, an email or a chat inquiry.   

Intelligent Office offers secure storage of sensitive documents. Tax documents are highly sensitive, and storing them requires CPAs to adhere to ethical and legal standards. As documents start to pile up, keeping documents in a small office can cause confusion and even legal liability. Intelligent Office provides CPAs with a locked, on-site mailbox that can be accessed 24 hours a day. As your clients drop off and pick up documents, they can be confident that their information is handled responsibly, and you can be confident that the information will be properly organized and prepared by our assistants.   Our assistants can provide CPAs customers written receipt for documents. Intelligent Office can also keep finished tax returns under lock and key at the front desk for your customers to pick up on their scheduled day of form completion.   

Whether you simply need physical space, an on-demandassistant, or organizational help, Intelligent Office is the most efficient and sensible CPA virtual office solution. Tax season is here. Stay ahead at the Intelligent Office location nearest you.   

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