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How Flexible are Virtual Office Spaces?

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How Flexible are Virtual Office Spaces?

Intelligent Office is a network of temporary and virtual office spaces with 60 locations across the United States and Canada. That expansive network offers several benefits to members, and one of the primary benefits is flexible office space. That’s because if you’re a member at one Intelligent Office location, you’re a member at all Intelligent Office locations. We’ll take a look at a few scenarios where this arrangement could benefit you and your business.

Scenario 1: Your law firm represents a variety of clients spanning the entire state of Florida. While your home office is located in Palm Beach Gardens, a potential client is based in Tallahassee – 400 miles apart. The prospect prefers to meet in-person and is unable to make a trip to Palm Beach.

Solution: As a member of Intelligent Office, you’re able to invite your client to the Jacksonville location – just 166 miles from Tallahassee. Not only can you come to a compromise with the potential client, but the office space projects a certain level of professionalism – creating an impression that could lead to a valuable partnership.   

Scenario 2: Your computer software business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is preparing for the industry’s biggest conference that’s held annually in Las Vegas. You’re introducing a new line of software and would like to get in front of prospective buyers outside of the hustle and bustle of the conference.

Solution: As a member of Intelligent Office in Bloomington, Minnesota, you can reserve a meeting room at any of the three Las Vegas locations. This allows you to host a meeting or event outside of the conference venue, where you can meet the right people in a setting designed for success.

Scenario 3: Your construction business has experienced significant growth in San Diego. You’d like to expand your service area to San Francisco, but potential clients would rather work with a builder from the area.

Solution: Securing a virtual business address from one of the two Intelligent Office locations in the San Francisco Bay Area establishes your local presence. You can start gathering information about the area while boosting your credibility with buyers in the Bay Area. A virtual address also saves you from the long-term, expensive commitment of private office space.

Scenario 4: Your online retail business has gone fully remote with employees working across the country. As the owner, your virtual office space is based in your hometown of Dallas, but your director of sales works from home in Chicago. Her presentation skills and experience with an existing client are needed to secure a new contract.

Solution: She’s able to schedule time at an Chicago office location, where she can meet with the relevant parties in a professional setting. Intelligent Office conference rooms are fully equipped with all of the latest presenting technology, providing all of the functional benefits of a professional office at an affordable cost.    

Intelligent Office services are on-demand, meaning you only pay for what you need, when you need it. It also means flexible office space is available near your home base or on the road. Check out all of our Intelligent Office locations to see which one will work best for your business.

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