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How Do I Create a Meeting Room Booking?

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How Do I Create a Meeting Room Booking?

How Do I Book a Meeting Room?

You can book a meeting room from Intelligent Office directly on our site. Simply enter the location where the meeting will be held. Many cities have multiple offices, so be sure to find which office is the best option for your meeting.

Once you’ve selected the desired location, you will be taken to a location-specific page, where you can further research the Intelligent Office location. Each location page provides details of the office, including:


Meeting Room Rental: a list of Intelligent Office features available to the meeting room. This may include internet and WiFi capabilities, conference phones, presentation media, white boards, and more. Features vary from one location to the next, so be sure to double-check that you’ll have the necessary equipment for your meeting to run smoothly.

Address: the physical location of the office. In addition to the address, this section details the structure and history of the building. All Intelligent Office locations are in Class A buildings – the top classification based on construction, aesthetics, location, and management.

Neighborhood: a description of the surrounding area where the office is located. Choosing the right neighborhood is an often overlooked factor in scheduling a meeting. This allows schedulers to accommodate the preferences of guests. For example, an out-of-town attendee might prefer a neighborhood closer to the airport or a neighborhood that avoids traffic.

Amenities: a list of Intelligent Office features as well as neighborhood-specific features. This is a recap of Intelligent Office features, including kitchens, break rooms, and office equipment. It also provides details on parking and options for food and entertainment. Once again, these details vary from one location to the next.

A map of the location and surrounding area also is presented on the location page along with a detailed description of the city, neighborhood, and office.

If you are ready to make a meeting room booking, simply call or click “Book Now”. You will be taken to the local booking page, where you can choose between small, medium, and large meeting or conference rooms.

Base prices for the room are listed in the Book Now portal. Once you choose a meeting room size, you’ll be able to choose the meeting date, start time, end time, and any additional amenities. All of these services are then tallied to display your final price. Payments can be processed directly, and any messages for the Office Manager can be included in your final meeting room booking.

Intelligent Office services are on-demand, which means you get access to a professional space without the long-term commitment of a commercial lease. You can book a meeting room today!

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