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Does Intelligent Office Have Space for Students?

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Does Intelligent Office Have Space for Students?

Our virtual office services are available to all, including students. In fact, we’re seeing more students than ever in our offices, as non-traditional campuses become more popular and students seek alternative paths through education. Here are a few reasons why students are gravitating toward virtual office services.

Students are embracing startups. Startup culture is infiltrating colleges and universities across the country, but many campuses don’t have the resources to support a true startup environment. Many students, instead of using the traditional classroom, are renting virtual office space to foster a more creative, collaborative environment where students can start businesses at the same time they’re in school.

Coworking space is designed for networking. Coworking space is available for students who want the modern amenities of a professional office without the high costs of renting traditional office space. But for many students, the most valuable part of a coworking space is the ability to network with like-minded students and entrepreneurs. For students developing small businesses or simply looking to make professional contacts, renting coworking space is a worthy investment in the present and the future.

Meeting rooms are great for professional pitches. If you’re a student business owner, you aren’t likely to get the benefit of the doubt from prospects. And you’re even less likely to make an impression if you’re pitching your business in the student library. Student entrepreneurs are now renting meeting rooms to overcome these judgments.

At Intelligent Office, meeting rooms are equipped with whiteboards, projectors, professional seating, and refreshments, if needed. The professional environment of Intelligent Office is sure to outclass any meeting environment on campus and give you the best shot to seal the deal with a potential client.

Phone answering services offer balance to student entrepreneurs. Starting a business as a full-time student is a big undertaking, but the most savvy business owners understand that proper delegation can help tackle these challenges.

For students who need a greater balance between business ownership and school, they can use phone answering services to ensure all business calls are responsibly handled while they handle their coursework. Our virtual receptionists are specially trained for your business and act as a true extension of your team. 

Student entrepreneurs use on-demand services as their businesses grow. One of the primary advantages of a virtual office for students is the ability to add services as your business grows. Intelligent Office offers on-demand services, which means you only pay for the services that you need, when you need them. Startups and developing businesses have to be efficient with their money, and virtual office services provide a scalable solution that gives them the best chance to succeed.

If you’re looking for a virtual office for students, Intelligent Office offers an affordable solution that can help students turn into professionals.   

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