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Can I Set Up a Virtual Sales Office?

Access to high-speed internet and cloud-based software have allowed more businesses than ever to expand beyond their traditional service area. But just because a business can expand doesn’t mean they should.

Before a business establishes its presence in a new territory, it should have business infrastructure in place, so it can hit the ground running. If you’re looking to break into new markets, here’s how opening a virtual sales office can prepare you for long-term business growth.

Expand your pool of customers.

Businesses expand for a few reasons, but perhaps the main reason is to reach new customers. Whether you’ve outgrown your original service area, your services are a good fit for a specific region, or there’s less competition in a new territory, setting up a new virtual sales office allows your business to find customers who would’ve previously spent their money elsewhere.

Manage remote teams at multiple locations.

If you’re a business owner, setting up shop in a new market doesn’t mean you have to relocate. The Intelligent Office network stretches across the United States and even into Canada, providing access to a variety of markets where you can establish remote teams. Hiring a remote workforce allows you to find the top talent in the area and establish a sales presence without uprooting your personal life.

Save money on rent.

Opening a new business location is expensive, and rising commercial real estate prices make up a large portion of those new expenses. A virtual sales office with Intelligent Office provides all of the modern office amenities without tying up company capital in a long-term, high-priced lease. When you work with Intelligent Office, you only pay for the services you need – leaving extra cash for investing in your business.

Build your brand.

If your business is ready to expand, you’ve likely established a solid brand in your local area. Setting up multiple locations through Intelligent Office is a savvy strategy for extending and solidifying that brand. Not only is your business gaining brand awareness, but expansion also signals to potential customers that your services are valued and trusted.

Intelligent Office sites also are located in the most desirable neighborhoods and buildings in their markets. This can significantly improve your business reputation right off the bat – when potential customers are making important and lasting judgments about your business.

Virtual office services are giving more businesses than ever the opportunity to fulfill their potential. If you’re interested in expanding your business into new markets, Intelligent Office is the most effective and efficient business solution for handling that transition. Find the location where you’ll open next.

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