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Can a Virtual Office Improve Business Reputation?

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Can a Virtual Office Improve Business Reputation?

Many business owners are concerned that using a virtual office could damage their business’s reputation. Those concerns are valid as the quality of virtual office solutions varies widely throughout the industry. But if you’re choosing the right virtual office company, it’s actually quite the opposite. A virtual office can improve your business reputation. Let’s take a look at a scenario that shows what we mean.


Peter and his family are moving to the Nashville area and need a real estate agent to help find a home. As he scans an online list of agents in the area, he spots your real estate business. Peter searches your office address and notices that it’s located downtown in one of the premier neighborhoods in the city.

Peter calls your office and is greeted quickly and professionally by a virtual assistant. Peter’s information is recorded and passed along to you directly through email. Your virtual assistant texts you, as you’ve directed, to let you know that Peter and his family are looking to make a quick decision. Understanding the urgency, you call Peter to set up a meeting at your Intelligent Office location.

Peter arrives at your location, a Class A building in the heart of downtown Nashville. He uses the visitor parking and makes his way up to the Intelligent Office suite. As he arrives, he’s warmly greeted by office receptionists, who offer him coffee or tea while they notify you of Peter’s arrival.

You welcome Peter and direct him to a meeting room equipped with all of the amenities of a modern office: whiteboards, projectors, conference-ready phones, and more. After a brief introduction, Peter asks how you’re able to afford a full office space in this location. You don’t hesitate to tell him that it’s a virtual office, which allows you to pay for only the services you need. For you, that means coworking space, meeting rooms, and virtual assistant services without the commitment of a long-term commercial lease.

You go on to tell Peter how you got into contact with him – how the Intelligent Office staff has become a local extension of your team – a strategy for business growth. You mention that you’re planning to extend your presence to your hometown of Dallas, where you’ll use the network of Intelligent Office locations to find new business.

Peter says he met with another local agent the day before at their home office. He says he never felt comfortable and thanks you for providing a more professional meeting venue.

As the meeting progresses, Peter feels secure that he’s working with someone with business savvy – someone he can trust to get him the best deal possible.


Intelligent Office is a premium office experience that not only provides a professional environment for your clients and prospects – it also showcases your business acumen. Find a location near you to improve your business reputation.

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