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Can a Medical Office Use a Virtual Receptionist?

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Can a Medical Office Use a Virtual Receptionist?

For medical service providers, there’s no greater responsibility than the care given to their patients. Doctors, dentists, orthodontists, chiropractors, and other medical service providers must be able to focus all of their efforts on the patients who have entrusted them with their health. That’s why it’s crucial that all business operations are conducted with professionalism and efficiency. Intelligent Office’s phone answering is one modern solution.

Full-Time Staff or Medical Office Virtual Receptionist?

While some medical service providers have sunk a wealth of resources in hiring, training, and managing a full-time reception staff, other providers have looked for more savvy solutions. Intelligent Office’s phone answering services are specifically designed to provide the robust operational support of a full-time staff without the costs of full-time employees.  

Many business owners are skeptical of the competence and qualifications of answering service employees, but Intelligent Office is the exact opposite of a typical answering service. Our medical office virtual receptionists have received HIPAA training as well as ongoing HIPAA training to ensure that all health data is appropriately handled and responsibly protected.

NOTE: There is no legally recognized HIPAA certification process or accreditation. As HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process, no entity can be “HIPAA certified”. Any businesses misrepresenting certification should be regarded with skepticism.

What Tasks Can Virtual Receptionists Tackle?

Not only are our virtual receptionists professionally trained on legal standards, they also are trained on your specific medical business. With more than 60 locations across the United States and Canada, Intelligent Office is a local extension of your team. Business owners are encouraged to facilitate an orientation as well as incorporate our assistants into any operations they deem necessary.

While we refer to it as phone answering, it’s much more than just picking up the phone. Our virtual receptionists are capable of handling all of the support tasks that a medical service provider requires. From scheduling and patient intake to verifying insurance information and maintaining patient files, the Intelligent Office staff is an integral part of the medical businesses they serve.

Save Money Without Losing Service

Many medical service providers assume that when it comes to business support, a full-time staff is their only option. And for many, a full-time staff might be the option they prefer. But Intelligent Office provides the most modern business solution, where quality doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a lower cost.

Our medical office virtual receptionists are more than capable of managing the day-to-day office operations, so you can focus your energy on the tasks that matter the most. For more information on how our virtual office services can help your practice, contact the location nearest you.  

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