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How Finance & Tax Professionals Use Virtual Office Services During the Busy Tax Season

Finance and tax professionals, whether they work solo or as part of a larger firm, can use virtual office spaces and services to stay on top of their workloads, especially during the busy tax season. Professional virtual office spaces can be particularly useful when back-to-back client meetings are necessary...

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The Right (And Wrong) Way to Answer Phone Calls for Your Business

If you answer business calls with a simple "Hello,” it's time to rethink your phone answering strategy. On the other hand, if you always send calls straight to voicemail, it’s time to implement a strategy in the first place.

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Overview of Virtual Offices, Executive Suites and Co-Working Spaces

Work has changed. In an age of instant communication, cloud-based applications, and workplace versatility, the era of the traditional office culture has come to an end. Providers of virtual offices, executive suites and co-working spaces have effectively liberated the nation’s work culture, adding dynamic and energizing new choices...

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Accounting Professionals, Here’s How to Spend Less Time on the Phone (And More Time on Your Business)

If you’re an accountant, CPA, or tax professional, your schedule is probably packed (especially during the busy tax season). When you’re swamped with client work and the responsibilities of running a business, the last thing you want to do is interrupt your workflow to answer an incoming call.

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Virtual Assistants & Remote Assistants: A Comparison

While the traditional virtual assistant is likely to work from home, an executive-level virtual assistant is part of a greater brick-and-mortar presence. This fundamental difference opens the door for extensive training opportunities that broaden the professional's support capabilities.

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In-Person Holiday Parties Aren't Possible This Year, But Your Business Can Still Celebrate

With the pandemic still in our lives, it's not safe to go ahead with typical company holiday party plans. That doesn't mean you need to nix your team's well-earned celebration, though!

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Virtual Assistants Provide a Competitive Edge

Countless small business owners rely on remote assistants or offsite receptionists to help with critical organizational duties. While some are content to offload simple tasks to self-employed, stay-at-home support people, others demand more comprehensive services...NULL

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Understanding the Different Types of Virtual Office Space

When it comes to where you work, there’s more flexibility now than ever before, and every option has its pros and cons.

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How Mail Services and Professional Addresses Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

In today's mobile economy, digital entrepreneurs often work from varying locations. While this can help save money and increase agility, it comes with one big drawback:

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Lawyers, Avoid These 4 Time-Wasters in Your Practice

As a lawyer, you shouldn't have to worry about time-wasters like data entry and calendar management. You have more important things to worry about, like increasing your billable hours and growing your legal practice.

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How to Reduce Your Firm’s Overhead, Increase Billable Hours, & Get More Done.

As a busy lawyer with a thriving legal practice, you likely have a lengthy to-do list that never seems to end. If you’re responsible for practicing law and running the business, your list of daily obligations will be even longer.

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4 Secrets to Manage (And Minimize) Distractions During the Workday

How often do distractions and interruptions sideline your work? If you’re like most professionals, dealing with distractions is an inevitable part of the workday.

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Accountants, CPAs, and Tax Preparers: Here’s Your Efficient Solution For Busy Season (And Beyond)

Accountants, CPAs, tax preparers, and other professionals who provide financial services have successfully used virtual business services since the 1990s. Since those early days, virtual business services have provided an affordable and flexible solution for tax and accounting professionals.

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Job Hunting Tips for the COVID-19 Era

If you lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic, or if your ongoing search for a new position suddenly feels unsteady, all hope isn’t lost. Companies are still hiring, especially as they learn new and creative ways to run their businesses during a pandemic.

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When Is a Phone Call Better Than Email? Here's How to Decide

It’s a question that many professionals ask when deciding how to communicate in a business setting: Should I pick up the phone or send an email?

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3 of the Best Cities in Canada to Start a Business

When thinking about where to headquarter your next entrepreneurial endeavor, there’s a lot to love about Canada:

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Could a Four-Day Workweek Work For Your Small Business?

The idea of a four-day workweek has become more popular in recent years, but can this arrangement work for your small business? Read on to learn about some of the top pros and cons.

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