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Intelligent Office Partners with LiquidSpace and to Expand its Online Live Scheduling Service

Enables Anyone to Reserve Meeting and Conference Rooms and Executive Office Space at U.S. Intelligent Office Facilities Directly from LiquidSpace and

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Cost of Leasing a Full Time Office Space for Small Business

As a small business you may require an office outside of your home or a local coffee shop, but is signing a long term lease on an office space cost effective? Let's break down the average costs of a long term lease for a small business.

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Environmentally Friendly Canadian Small Businesses

Many Canadian companies have set a shining example by adopting environmentally friendly business practices that do not take away from their bottom line. What strategies have these Canadian businesses adopted? What can your small business learn from this?

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Social Media Usage in Canada

Social media is increasingly popular with people of all ages and backgrounds in Canada. A couple of decades ago, social media did not even exist but today everyone from the Prime Minister to the Pope recognizes the power of social media. Businesses have likewise become savvy to the fact that social media is an exceptional tool, capable of developing new business and promoting the services and products offered. Small businesses are rapidly expanding their online presence, in particular on social media sites, as the latter provide an excellent method of attracting new clients. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Talkbiznow, Google+ and more, allow small businesses to have instant access to thousands of users to promote their message, gain brand recognition and seek new business opportunities as well as partnerships. This article will give you an overview of all you need to know to successfully use social media to boost your small business.

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Small Business Merger Guide

Exploring options to merge your business with another? Here's what you need to know before you start talking x's and o's.

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Buying a Franchise in Canada

Chances are, if you're a savvy entrepreneur instead of starting your own independent business you've thought of buying a franchise. There are many elements you will have to look into when buying a franchise. The first thing you should do is evaluate the master franchiser to insure that they will deliver what they are contracted to do. The second thing you should do is look into the business model of the franchiser. Does their company have a successful business model? Can you replicate this concept? Once you are sure you are ready to buy a franchise and have a way of reproducing this great business plan you will have to deal with the numerous technical and legal aspects. There are useful websites that should give you guidance on buying a franchise in Canada, but it is likely then you will need the help of experts and legal advice may well be a prerequisite. Who are the experts you need to turn to for advice?

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Working from Home in Canada

Working from home and flexible schedules are gaining momentum across the globe. How are these trends growing in Canada?

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Opening a New Line of Credit

As your business grows, you might consider new funding sources. These can be used to help you grow or to act as a sort of security blanket for the business. Either way, it's important to go have everything you need in place before opening new lines of credit.

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Mobile Marketing For Your Business

Everything thing you need to know about mobile marketing in Canada, from how to get started to understanding Canada's anti-spam laws.

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How Does the 2015 EAP Impact Your Small Business?

The Harper Government recently announced that it would be implementing an Economic Action Plan (EAP) that would be beneficial for Canadians due to its focus on judicious fiscal management and low-tax plan for jobs, growth and security. But how will this directly affect you? How will this impact your small business and how can you take advantage to ensure that your small business reaps the benefits?

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Expanding Your Business Overseas

In 2014 Canadian exports rose by 5.7%, perhaps it is time for your business to get in on the action.

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Which Industries in Canada are Growing the Fastest and Why?

For the last few years numerous Canadian businesses have been struggling. What with the recent recession plus currency volatility, it has been hard for some companies to stay afloat. Yet certain industries appear to be flourishing. Any entrepreneur, whether they have as their goal to start a new business aligned with market trends or whether it is to expand an existing company in the right direction, should be aware of which industries are growing the fastest.

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Top Canadian Cities for Startups

Which Canadian cities are the most welcoming and nurturing for startups & small business?

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