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Office Space
When you rent office space, you will always have a spot to set up shop. Hourly, weekly, monthly, or long-term options are available.
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Meeting Rooms
Big or small, long or short, we have a meeting room solution tailored to your needs. We’ll provide all of the necessary equipment and amenities for your attendees.
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Mail Service
Get a prestigious address for your business card or online presence. Impress clients and establish a home base where documents and packages will always be waiting for you, and begin carving out your business’s footprint.
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Phone Answering Service
It’s hard to switch gears when the phone rings, but ignoring calls isn’t an option when trying to grow a business. Our phone answering service ensures every call is addressed and handled as you prefer.
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Virtual Assistant
Finding and hiring the perfect person to help grow your business can be expensive, time-consuming, and at times…frustrating. A virtual assistant provides the professional business support without the hassle.
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Welcome Home: Virtual office spaces and services in San Diego (La Jolla)

  • On-Demand
  • Trustworthy Support
  • Local
  • No Turnover
  • Flexible & Customized
  • expertise in Your Industry
  • Affordable
  • Professional Image
Intelligent Office in La Jolla is located right in the heart of San Diego County. Our University Towne Center (UTC) location grants you access to a business hub less than a mile away from both the 805 and 5 freeways (there’s even convenient, covered parking). This location also means we’re next to the Marriott hotel, near the UCSD campus, and right by Scripps Hospital. When you need a break from the office, or have a client to wine and dine, we’re mere steps away from all the shopping, dining, and entertainment options at Westfield UTC Shopping Mall, Costa Verde Center, and Regents Marketplace. But, you’re in La Jolla, and we’re going to guess it’s not all work and no play. Beautiful La Jolla Cave is a quick 5 miles away. Back to the building – our building is LEED certified, rated in the top 20% of energy efficient buildings in the U.S. That efficiency comes complete with spectacular views, a granite lobby, and impressive architecture. When clients and guests drop by your office they’ll be impressed by the landscaped grounds, outdoor water feature, and slate walkways. These small details have a huge impact on how you and your business are perceived. You’re here to do work, though, and we’ve got you covered on that front. High speed Internet is standard, with 100 megs up and down. Meeting rooms, fully-equipped conference rooms with projection equipment, private offices, co-working spaces, on-demand reception and administrative support, a gym, and more are just a few more membership perks you can receive. Together, we can find alternative solutions to your office space and business service needs – just give us a call today!
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Welcome To Your New - INTELLIGENT - Office!

Hiring employees, renting offices and purchasing equipment isn't always cost effective. Intelligent Office of San Diego (La Jolla) provides alternative solutions to traditional office needs and services.

From start-ups to rainmakers on the go, customize your new office and services for exactly what you need, only when you need it. With Intelligent Office, you can have the complete professional business identity you need — all at a fraction of the cost of traditional office and staffing expenses.

Your new Intelligent Office is located in a Class A building at Executive Square in beautiful La Jolla, with easy access to other businesses and the 5 and 805 Freeways.

The RIGHT Image For Your Business

A welcoming atmosphere and modern decor along with friendly and professional receptionists gives your business a professional appearance in facilities that are designed and maintained to impress. Beautiful and fully equipped conference rooms and meeting spaces will ensure your business projects the right image of professionalism and commitment to your customers.

Perhaps you're just looking for occasional or flexible conference and office use, or you only need VIRTUAL ASSISTANT services? Our Virtual Office services can be used in conjunction with physical office space or without — everything you need is completely customized to fit your business.

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My Intelligent Office


Your business is ready to take off. All you need is a launch pad that is more professional than the corner coffee shop. So consider a traditional full-time office, shared, or part-time, flexible office and staff without the overhead. You’ll have a private, fully furnished office with phones, internet service, conference rooms and a locked mail box. Our receptionist is your receptionist -always ready to handle your calls, schedule your appointments, and almost anything else you need. No more missed important calls, amateurish cell phone answering or business calls going straight to voicemail. And it all comes with a professional address worthy of your vision. There’s no stopping you now.


Image is critical in your business. So even though you still work out of your home office, your ambitions are bigger. You need an address to match. Something professional, prestigious. A place where you can meet with clients, receive packages and have someone answer the phone who doesn’t refer to you as Dad or Mom. Your hours are your own, so you’ll want secure access that lets you come and go as you please 24 hours a day. And mail forwarding when you don’t feel like going in to your office. All at a price that remembers you’re a freelancer, even if you are an ambitious one.


You don’t wait for clients to come to you - you go get them. You’re out there, solving their problems every day. Paying for an office you’re rarely in doesn’t make sense. But it sure would be nice to have access to a fully furnished and equipped executive office when you need one and wherever you go. Especially when you need to make a presentation. And that’s what we give you - a private office in every one of our North American locations. You get 24 hour access with all the amenities. Executive furnishing, phone and internet service, white boards and flat screens, conference rooms and even a kitchen. All available on an ala carte hourly, daily or weekly basis. Whatever fits your changing schedule and business needs.


Your docket is always full. So you rarely have time to sit in an office. Your clients only call when they need you, and that could happen at any time. You could be in your car, at home or in a place where a phone is off limits. Voice mail isn’t going to help your prospects and clients. They want a real person to answer the phone - and a highly trained, professional one at that. Our receptionists answer, screen and transfer your calls to any number you want. Our Intelligent Assistants can do intakes, confirm meetings and schedule your appointments. All from an office that looks incredibly buttoned up, on those occasions when you actually need one.

Intelligent Office Space and Reception/Assistant Solutions:

Our focus is on providing businesses like yours with exceptional quality service — customized and personalized according to each individual's unique business needs. Choose from a wide range of services, including:

  • A La Jolla business address and mail services
  • Live virtual reception service
    • Prospect and current client call answering, screening, announcing and connecting
    • Client intake forms
    • FAQs
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Client / Patient Management applications
    • Outbound calling services
    • Overflow calls or lunchtime, vacation, sick leave coverage
    • Customer service representation
  • Social media posting
  • Virtual assistant administrative services
  • Flexible office space for use only when you need it
  • Fully equipped conference rooms and meeting spaces
  • Dedicated private office space Membership access to all other Intelligent Office locations throughout the United States

Whether you're starting a business, expanding an existing company, or looking for alternative office solutions, Intelligent Office of San Diego (La Jolla) can provide the complete professional business identity you need at significant cost savings.

Get a free, customized quote and see how Intelligent Office can start helping you grow your business today!

Pablo Puig
President & CEO Intelligent Office - La Jolla, San Diego (La Jolla)

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Getting the most out of virtual office services, solutions, and space couldn’t be simpler.

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Solutions for Modern Business Owners

Intelligent Office brings big-business infrastructure to any-sized businesses, no matter what industry you’re in. You can instantly go from a business without a true “home” to a developed company, complete with multiple office locations and staff that you can rely on for the long haul.

How do we do it? By giving you more office space and headspace.

That means on-demand office space that you can use full-time or part-time, complete with modern business technology. You’ll also get more headspace, thanks to our phone answering services, administrative support, and other specialty business services. All for a fraction of what you would pay to hire dedicated support staff and lease a traditional commercial office space.

Success in the modern business world, now available on-demand.

At Intelligent Office, we champion the needs of the modern business owner. We believe that every business, given the right resources, can be successful — in whatever way they define success.

These days, all you need to build and grow a business is talent, expertise, and a tiny bit of capital. We can help with the rest.

We’ll take care of your office space and services needs, on-demand, as you need them. If you need a fully-furnished, affordable office space, we can elevate your professionalism in the most premier destinations around town. If you need help with admin tasks, customer acquisition and retention, revenue generation, inbound and outbound sales, online scheduling, customer screening, database management, order processing, data entry, payroll distribution, customer service, and anything else you can dream of, we have you covered.

"I had no idea an ‘executive suite’ provider offered all the administrative support services that Intelligent Office does. We save so much money, time and hassle simply using the Intelligent Office team instead of recruiting, training, and managing our own staff. Truly game-changing!"
— Robert K., Austin, TX

And because every single service and solution we offer is 100% customizable, there’s no limit to how far your business can go. It’s like flipping a light switch to turn on business growth.

Benefits of Intelligent Office’s Approach:

On-Demand. Get the space and services you need, only when you need them.

Local. We aren’t a big, faceless corporation. We know what living, working, and playing looks like in City, and we see ourselves as an extension of your team.

Flexible & Customized. Add or subtract services as your business needs change, even with the seasons.

Affordable. Grow your business, exceed customer expectations, and address administrative tasks with minimal investment.

Trustworthy Support. Every Intelligent Assistant is cross-trained to handle a variety of tasks so you can easily add supplemental services when the need arises.

Intelligent Office University (IOU)

Welcome to our smart business resource center. Today you learned that any business can be successful with the right support, and Intelligent Office University (IOU) is another resource that can make running your business easy and, yes, even enjoyable.

Get ready to take notes, and have a look at the blog posts, white papers, and other resources from Intelligent Office, your local business partner.

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