When Should My Small Business Consider Virtual Support Services?

When Should My Small Business Consider Virtual Support Services?

5 Signs Your Small Business Needs the Help of a Virtual Assistant

Most small business owners take on a variety of roles within their company… oftentimes, without even realizing how much they’re juggling.

Answering phones, creating and sending invoices, tracking down payments, providing top-notch customer service, ordering supplies, making trips to the post office, dealing with vendors, and the list continues. At Intelligent Office (IO), we’ve described this stressful phenomenon as “organizational quicksand that eventually swallows the business completely.”

Yikes, right?

Unfortunately, you might not even recognize that you’re wearing too many hats and taking on too much. It’s hard to reflect on ways to run your business more efficiently when you’re busy putting out fires all day (and sometimes all night) long.

That’s what this article is for — to help small business owners like you understand when it’s time to consider virtual support services. Here at IO, we provide that support through virtual business services that include:

With that in mind, here are 5 signs your Canadian small business could use a helping hand.

1. Business calls go straight to voicemail

Modern businesses conduct a lot of their work online, but you’ll always have customers who want to talk to a real, live person. When you’re struggling to find time to call people back, know that a virtual assistant can easily and affordably take that off your plate.

Your assistant will provide a high level of service, follow-up when needed, and handle phone calls to your exact specifications and preferences.

2. Missed appointments

Missing multiple meetings and appointments is a surefire sign of overwhelm. It also makes you, and your business, look bad in the eyes of the people you were supposed to meet.

To fix this issue, hand over control of your calendar to a virtual assistant. They can take over scheduling to make sure you aren’t overextended. You’ll never miss a meeting again!

3. Being late to meetings

Being late isn’t quite as problematic as missing a meeting altogether, but it’s still problematic (and irritating, at best.) With a virtual assistant managing your calendar, you can take control of your time again. Have your assistant text you when it’s time to leave, for example.

4. Family members are unofficial employees

When you’re trying to get a small business off the ground, it’s tempting to turn to family members and close friends for some extra help.

While well-meaning, these people sometimes lack the professional skills your business needs to grow. Plus, it can put unnecessary stress on your most important personal relationships.

5. Working from your kitchen table

If you’ve been growing your business from the kitchen table, it’s time for an upgrade. Virtual office space is the perfect alternative to working from home. You’ll have access to modern business equipment and professionally furnished space for a fraction of the cost of a traditional commercial office lease. The membership terms are incredibly flexible, too.

If these five scenarios sound all too familiar, what are you waiting for? Click the yellow “Get a Quote” at the top of the page today! A member from our team will get in touch to help you find the perfect mix of virtual support services for your business.