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Take Your Business to the Next Level With a Virtual Assistant

By Townes Haas   |    June 26, 2017   |    9:51 AM


Here's how a virtual assistant program can give a professional face to your new business. 

Companies are increasingly hiring virtual assistants for the plethora of services and skills they offer. Virtual assistants, aside from providing aid during busy times, can also enable your business to launch, establish itself, and grow. But you may wonder  “what exactly can a virtual assistant do for me?” The ways in which a virtual assistant can help you and your business are manifold, they are as diverse and distinctive as the individual virtual assistants are themselves. However there are some clear cut ways in which a virtual assistant can aid you to acquire a professional face. Here is how. 

Building your personal brand

Building a personal brand online and offline is a vital part of establishing a business's reputation as a serious and professional firm. If you hire a virtual assistant with marketing skills, they will be able to add value to your online and offline presence. They can also help you with media campaigns and mailings, ensuring your time is freed up for other chores, and their specialized skills are applied to guarantee the success of your efforts. It can take time and expertise to build a brand and you might not have either of those things. A virtual assistant, however, can set aside the time and resources necessary to make certain that your firm appears professional and capable. 

Maintaining your social media presence

For any business to launch, grow and establish itself, it must have a strong social media presence. It should not only post new material on a daily basis but also keep track of customer compliments and complaints so that criticism is dealt with, and praise is noted. Negative comments should be responded to quickly and problems solved. Inappropriate material should be removed. Loyal clients should be rewarded. This will make sure that clients feel taken care of and demonstrate that your company is professional, and grateful. Nothing is more unprofessional than a firm that ignores customer comments. As an entrepreneur you may not have time to mediate customer feedback, let alone reply to individual clients, a virtual assistant can take care of all your social media accounts, guaranteeing a positive and proficient online presence. 

Organizing your business

Many entrepreneurs lack organizational skill. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many are very creative and should maximize their time by focusing on using their skill-set to drive the business. However a lack of organization can damage a company's reputation; it can even mean capital loss, as if things do not run with optimal efficiency, time, resources and energy can be lost. Furthermore, even if you hire staff to help with accounting or administrative tasks, there may still be too much to handle. You, and your staff, might not have time to manage travel arrangements, plan events, order office supplies, respond immediately to client requests and organize solutions to client queries. With so much work to do, organizing may be relegated to the backseat as you and your team focus on more essential tasks. Fortunately, a virtual assistant with strong organizational skills can be hired to streamline every process at your business. A virtual assistant with good tech skills might even be able to set up a virtual workplace so that everything you need for your team to be successful is organized online, for easy instant access, from project management to direct reports and file-sharing. 

At Intelligent Office, we know that having highly trained, specialized support from a professional administrative assistant makes a real difference in serving the needs of your clients and meeting the unique challenges of your business, learn more today!