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Self-Branding Tips for Small Business Owners

By Jessica Valdez   |    June 19, 2017   |    9:22 AM


Promote Your Own Personal Brand 

The right self-branding can turn a small business into an empire. With the correct self-branding any entrepreneur can boost their business, their reputation, their wealth and much more. By becoming an authority in their field,  a charismatic persona and even a public figure they can build new connections, attract partners and customers and generate even more business. People like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey have developed powerful brands that are based on magnetism, personal vision and a captivating personality rather than the image of their business enterprise. As an entrepreneur, you can't just focus on your corporate identity, you need to promote your own personal brand. Here's how to self-brand yourself successfully. 

Mimic and Morph the Masters

Pick a business figure who you consider an authority, leader or visionary and think about what it is you like about them and why they stood out to you. How did they self-brand so effectively? Watch their interviews, read their book (if they have one), learn from their mistakes and victories so that you can copy their tricks and tips Then add your own personal twist to the mix.

Build a Social Media Empire

It’s irrefutable that social media is one of the most vital elements in self-branding. It's not enough to build a well-designed website, send out mailers, set up a Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or other social media account.  You need to establish a target audience and push out valuable content that puts a face to your name and attracts customers, followers and creates fans and you need to do this with your own unique style. There are millions of internet users. You need to find your way of drawing in your audience with free, useful and timely information and market yourself so that you become a magnet. Make it personal, don't hide who you are behind photos or videos of other people. Put yourself out there.

Become The Expert

People rapidly see through someone who is all talk. You cannot successfully self-brand if you can't talk the talk and walk the walk. Knowledge is power. Study your industry inside and out, so that you know it better than anybody else. This will ensure that people trust your expertise, consider you to always be the best-informed person in the business, who is aware of the latest and the greatest, as well as the most accurate data on any subject at any one time. This means staying up to date on latest developments, following all the breaking news and being aware of every step your competitors take. To successfully self-brand you must position yourself as the ultimate expert.

Attract Attention 

Attract press attention by playing an important part at major public events, contribute to well-known charitable occasions or speak at important seminars, or any other large gatherings that are recognised and get media attention. Arrange to be a guest speaker on a TV show, podcast or YouTube channel that has millions of followers. Write for an acclaimed news column,  a renowned magazine or blog. Target events, publications, sectors and domains that cater to the audience you want to catch the attention of, this will ensure your self-branding efforts reach the people you want to have as clients. 

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