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Need to Find Employees? 6 Interview Questions to Help You Find the Right Staff

By Garrett Spence   |    July 25, 2016   |    9:53 AM

Finding the right staff for your small business is important. This is why you need to ask the right questions during the interview process. Here's what you should be asking potential staff.

1. Why do you want this job and what makes you a good fit for the role?

This question is the best way to find an employee for your small business who has really thought about what the role entails and why they are a good match for it. It will give employees who are charismatic and enthusiastic about working for you a chance to demonstrate how they will add value to your small business.

2. What do you like about my small business? How would you change what you don’t like?

By asking this question you can find out many things about a candidate. To begin with, have they done research about your firm prior to attending the interview? Secondly, will they be honest enough to suggest that there might be areas for improvement? Thirdly, are they able to independently proffer a solution or are they only able to point out faults?

3. Why did you leave your last job?

The applicant's reply should highlight their outlook and the needs they have from their employer. It will allow you to hone in on what they believe to be a justification to be dissatisfied in their job. It could be that they had a valid reason for leaving their last position but it could be that they are seeking opportunities that you just cannot provide them and it is important to know that from the outset.

4. Tell me about your greatest achievement at work.

The response can potentially tell you a lot about what the individual deems important and views as success. If, for example, they worked at their previous company for 12 years and their biggest accomplishment was beating the sales target once, they may not match your goals. On the other hand, if they were promoted three times during a two-year period, then you may have a superstar on your hands.

5. If a client asked you about something outside of your territory at the company, how would you handle it?

The reply should give you insights into what type of worker the candidate will be. If they answer that they would ask the client to ask someone else you will know that they are not willing to go above and beyond to help a customer. On the other hand if the candidate answers that they would find out the answer quickly and reply back to the client with the answer immediately you will know they are willing to take initiative.

6. What do you do for fun?

A work-life balance is an important part of success and it is important to hire well-rounded individuals. Employees who prioritize physical fitness, team sports, meditation, arts, reading, intellectual or other pursuits may be able to bring extra qualities to the table. People who are immersed in their hobbies often value achievement, learning new skills, goal setting and improving themselves. This will translate into their job.