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Most Innovative Canadian Startups

By Townes Haas   |    January 26, 2016   |    9:46 AM

Which Startups in Canada are Currently Considered the Most Innovative, and Why?


This startup has a reputation for being highly innovative due to their state-of-the-art products. InteraXon has developed a unique brain-sensing technology which has been dubbed as one-of-a-kind. The company creates innovative solutions, products and experiences using a brain-computer interface (BCI). The company's signature product is Muse, a brain-sensing headband that detects and measures the wearer's brain’s activity during uniquely developed training sessions. The Muse headband connects to a tablet app, which then coaches its user to relax through a wide range of exercises.


VitalSines is also known for their use of cutting edge technology which can additionally save lives. In 2015 the start up soft launched their first product; the iHeart Physiological Age Monitor. This tool, which clips on to the finger, measures aortic stiffness, a proven predictor of cardiovascular disease and death. The device works by connecting through bluetooth to the user's android device or tablet which it uses to relay almost immediate results after a 30-second non-invasive test.


Wealthsimple provides investment advice to clients through on-line technology which renders investing easy, transparent, and low-cost to anyone with an internet connection. The company is the first to offer this solution to Canadians and is deemed to have provided the average Canadian with access to game-changing tools. Wealthsimple's online platform provides Canadians seeking to invest with a sophisticated portfolio customized for their risk tolerance.


GuestDriven offers revolutionary solutions that are considered unique in assuring top quality customer service. It aids hospitality brands to build guest engagement, loyalty and drive advocacy. GuestDriven does this via a mobile platform, which records and then provides insight into guest preferences and behaviour in real-time. It combines this with an integrated suite of tools for targeted campaigns and guest interactions at each and every stage of travel. For example, GuestDriven allows clients to invite their guests to check-in 24 hours before their stay. Using a simple, automated pre-stay check-in process, guests can personalize and customize their stay, selecting their comforts, conveniences and indulgences according to preference.

Figure 1

Figure 1 has acquired a reputation for providing innovative but also compelling and lifesaving solutions. The company offers the first mobile network to link healthcare professionals so that they may share and discuss medical images and other content. All of this work is undertaken in line with government and hospital policies on privacy and ethics requirements. Figure 1 allows for healthcare professionals to share tricky cases and collaborate with other doctors across the globe. Figure 1 has been described as a sort of Instagram for the medical set. It takes advantage of mobile networks to help doctors communicate, develop their skills and deepen their understanding of medicine.

Flixel Photos Inc

Flixel provides tools for photographers and advertisers to create and distribute living photos. It provides many first-of-a-kind services. For example, Flixel offers an innovative new solution that permits consumers and creative professionals alike to turn run-of-the-mill photographs and videos into what the start up calls “living stills” using nothing but a finger. In minutes, users can create and upload their work via hosting and distribution solutions.